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Resident Evil 7 DLC Packs: Multiple Endings, Survival Mode & More

Resident Evil 7
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Resident Evil 7 DLC Packs: Multiple Endings, Survival Mode & More

The Resident Evil 7 DLC Packs come in handy with multiple endings, a survival mode and many more. Check out the best updated tools for Resident Evil 7.

Pre-Release Throttle:

Hackers accessed into the Resident Evil 7 demo entitled Beginning Hour and were able to discover information regarding a character returning to the series. Capcom, its developer, was the first to release the demo version. But, the designer has not yet even divulged about the rumored return of character Albert Wesker.

All-in-all, fans have yet to go with a final say since it would be too early to conclude. Capcom is currently developing some parts of the game. The demo version also serves as a development platform for the game.

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Resident Evil 7 At Its Best:

Meanwhile, the hackers were able to discover a puzzle-type gaming DLC. The game’s DLC may take in a very interesting turn by the release of the game next year, said the hackers.

As per Wesker’s character- the hackers only noticed his guns but not his character exactly. So, the possible return must be taken with a grain of salt.

Here Are The Possible Game DLC Packs:

  1. Puzzle-Based DLC. This chapter contains puzzles and codes for the players to access.
  2. Card Game. The chapter is said to put players in a card game and have their fates sealed to their every move.
  3. Survival Mode. This chapter operates in the upcoming game’s Deluxe Edition.
  4. Multiple Endings. The multiple endings diversify the chapters as per players’ preferences.

What About The Multiple Endings?

This DLC pack implies 3 different types of ending per game DLC chapters. As the player progresses with each chapter using this DLC pack, he or she can finally acquire the preferred ending.

All this information appears in the files the hacker gauged out from the demo game. Coincidentally, these files also hint at Wesker’s return. The 4th pack- multiple endings may probably cement the possibility that Wesker might still be alive in different logic or game ending.

Who knows? In the next 6 months- we’ll witness all our speculations take form.

Watch out for more updates.

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