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Resident Evil 7 DLC To Be Released For Free In Spring

Resident Evil 7 DLC
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Resident Evil 7 DLC To Be Released For Free In Spring

Are you ready to be immersed in the darkness? It appears the first Resident Evil 7 DLC (downloadable content) will be released for free in a few months. This is a big revelation to fans, given details on the story were initially leaked a few hours back.

This is part and parcel for Capcom’s plan to release free content for Resident Evil 7 DLC. The DLC may take players on a darker path in their journey throughout the game. Hopefully, the new content will answer some questions the game has revealed in the end.

Regardless, given the contents of the Resident Evil 7 DLC as they were revealed, they appear to be heavily-focused on the story. Players will be receiving freebies to help them survive the game as well. However, focus appears to lie in adaptability and solving the game’s few mysteries.

Resident Evil 7 DLC: Expanded Mythos?

According to Game Rant, more speculations on the game’s DLCs were revealed after Season Pass details were leaked. After all, the Season Pass will already include two volumes of “banned footage” and a mystery additional chapter. This already accounts for four post-launch episodes.

Now, it appears Capcom wants players to relish in the experience for free. This is courtesy of Famitsu, with the first Spring DLC named “Not A Hero.” Sadly, Capcom has refused to provide any more details so far.

Regardless, Dusk Golem from NeoGAF offered his two cents on the new DLC. If his assertions are correct, this means the Spring DLC will come out in May. This is also the first post-launch content to not star Ethan, the main protagonist.

New Protagonist, New Taste

It seems the option for players to not use Ethan allows the story to flesh itself out. The DLC will hopefully bridge the gaps between the game. In the end, the DLC may also reveal just exactly Ethan managed to do his actions at the end of the game.

The chapter is also going to provide a “different taste” of gameplay. However, not much is given in this regard. Players can speculate that this time, the game can be played using an alternate perspective. This can be a nod to the classic third-person and fixed-camera perspective of older games.

Capcom still hasn’t made an announcement on the matter. However, fans can expect a ton of new content after the launch of the hit title. Given the mysteries surrounding Ethan and his attempt to escape the Baker Manor, a sequel can even be a possibility.

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