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Resident Evil 7 DLC Took Inspiration From Stephen King

Resident Evil 7

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Resident Evil 7 DLC Took Inspiration From Stephen King

Horror aficionados will find an air of familiar dread with Resident Evil 7 and its Bedroom update. It seems it’s Stephen King-inspired. This is representative of the game’s idea of “going back” to the roots of survival horror.

It can be be remembered that Resident Evil 7 was teased as a re-imagining of the Resident Evil franchise. This was evident starting from the trailer to the gameplay itself. The game takes a lot of elements from thriller and suspense stories.

Other gamers have had their share of praises and criticisms with Resident Evil 7. However, critics have more or less acknowledged the game’s “rebranded” self with less action and more suspense. It seems this is because the game takes a lot from classic horror.

Resident Evil 7: Stephen King Roots

The Bedroom episode is one of three included in the Banned Footage Vol. 1 downloadable content (DLC) pack. It is an escape room puzzle, where players must escape Marguerite Baker without letting her know they are out of bed. Players have praised the game’s level design, where gamers are supposed to manipulate the environment without letting the captor see any difference.

It seems this idea was actually from a Stephen King novel, Misery. According to GamesRadar+, director Koshi Nakanishi took elements from the story’s plot. In King’s novel, author Paul Sheldon was injured and was taken in by his “number one fan” Annie Wilkes. However, she turns out to be insane and forces Sheldon to write a novel, else face the consequences.

The original idea was for the player to actually “make” a novel. Players will select phrases to write and make up the novel text. Marguerite will be left in a good mood if she likes the end product, and will more or less kill the player if she does not. This seems to be an interesting direction for the game.

Alternate Take, Updates, Features

However, according to Game Rant, the book-writing part of the game may be too complicated for the DLC. Regardless, players can still indulge in other forms of horror in the two other modes in the update. The first, Nightmare, is a survival game where enemies will attack the player throughout the night. The second, Ethan Must Die, is an insanely-hard difficulty mode.

Interestingly, despite its short play time, players are finding more ways to enjoy the game. For instance, players are giving their best attempts to beat the game in the shortest time possible. A player even defeated the game only by using a knife, albeit in Easy difficulty.

The fan clamor about these little tidbits is proof that the game may have taken a step in the right direction. However, Capcom’s shares have actually fallen since the game did not have the best of launch weeks versus Resident Evil 6. Regardless, it seems pushing through the more obscure and horror aspect of RE7 may produce better fan reactions.

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