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Resident Evil 7 DLC: Why You Need To Play ‘Bedroom’ Episode

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Resident Evil 7 DLC: Why You Need To Play ‘Bedroom’ Episode

The mysteries surrounding Resident Evil 7 may be unveiled inside its downloadable content (DLC). However, more questions arise than answers. This is particularly experienced with its Bedroom Episode DLC, which makes the game take a turn for the bizarre.

Fans have been praising Resident Evil 7 for its radical departure from its predecessors. The rather closed setting of the game made for short gameplay time of around ten to 15 hours. However, the game compensates with a wealth of new lore and DLC for fans to enjoy.

This particular Resident Evil 7 delight is captured with its Bedroom Episode, which highlights some of the best parts of the game. Players who have finished the game may ought to play this episode to unlock more insights on the mental states of the Baker family. Heads up for fans who have bought the DLC, however, as this has spoilers.

Resident Evil 7: What is the Bedroom Episode?

The Bedroom is one of two “tapes” that can be played with the game’s Banned Footage Vol 1 DLC. The fact that it has “Volume 1” in its name implies that it is a series of banned footages. All of them appear to be from unfortunate victims of the Bakers throughout the years.

According to Polygon, fans should expect the DLC to contain the scares the game is known for and the unique escape-the-room puzzle it provides. The story follows cameraman Clancy’s attempts to break free from the room he is trapped in. The game also explores Marguerite Baker, the caretaker of the Baker mansion.

The DLC is a first-person puzzle game involving Clancy and Marguerite. Clancy finds himself in bed, with Marguerite feeding him bowls of “soup.” Players are tested with trying to get out of there as fast as possible, and to remember every “safe” step before they get caught. This is because steps taken to break free from the bedroom will sound an alarm.

Sadly, by the time Marguerite comes back, it is game over for Clancy and the players. This is especially if Marguerite finds out that anything in the room has been moved or rearranged. The fact that players have to beat the clock is already an anxious ordeal, but knowing that players only have 30 seconds to put the room back together is an entirely new level.

Story Revelations, Features

Each item in the tiny room appears to have an involvement with the outcome of the game. This means the game can “actually” be beaten, albeit with frightening difficulty. Polygon advises the game to be played collaboratively, as it has a unique learning curve. Players are expected to experience escalating jump scares as they fail the level, however.

According to PC Gamer, Bedroom is an entirely new take to the escape room genre. In fact, the brilliance of the DLC is highlighted in that players are expected to both “solve” the puzzle and “return” the puzzle as it is. This is because every completed puzzle prompts Marguerite to return to the room, leaving players with little time to return everything.

Unfortunately, the fact that players are able to find the “banned” footage means Clancy did not make it out of the Baker mansion. This means all his attempts to break free would have been in vain in the end. However, it is interesting to see what the Baker family was like before protagonist Ethan came into the picture.

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