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Resident Evil 7 Gameplay May Be Too Short For Fans – Here’s Why

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay
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Resident Evil 7 Gameplay May Be Too Short For Fans – Here’s Why

There’s news buzzing in the Resident Evil fanbase about intricate details on the Resident Evil 7 gameplay. It may not be as long as it seems. Spoilers aside, gamers curious enough can take a peek into this piece about the current “leaks” on the game.

Interestingly enough, the “spoilers” deal with everything from stories down to the Resident Evil 7 gameplay itself. All these bits of information have come from the pre-release or some leaked copies of the main game. It seems the ultimate challenge for fans is to resist reading anything about them.

Still, despite the leaks, players are positive the game is a good experience in itself. There are a ton of Resident Evil 7 gameplay elements to consider. The game, itself, is a sight to behold – giving players the much-needed air of hope for the franchise.

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay: Playtime Estimate

The leaks have come in the form of spoilers on “unknown” details and the primary story itself. However, there’s more to it than just the story. It appears the game is not as long as players hoped it would be – depending on the progress they aim to make.

If the leaks are correct, the game can take a measly 10 hours to finish. It can jump to 20 hours depending on the difficulty or how much progress players wants to achieve with the collectibles. There seems to be a sizable amount of collectibles to look for in the main game, especially if players need to see the full picture.

Most of the leaks come from “second-hand” accounts. However, ThisGenGaming wrote that according to one player, a completion screen enumerates the various collectibles one could get. In the 10 hours of completion time, the player was able to get almost all the collectibles in the game… after dying about 110 times.

Evolution of Horror

However, what’s missing in the screen is what the players may have missed while moving around the game. The screen says this was completed on the Normal difficulty, meaning 10 hours may be the benchmark for RE 7 gameplay for all players. However, for people who think 10 hours is too short, fret not.

Others have said it took them 15 to 20 hours to finish the game, making the story of a sizable length. This doesn’t say anything about replayability, however. According to Game Rant, the Beginning Hour demo is a good example of whether or not the main game is confined to just a single narrative.

This means there might be more secrets in the game, especially since the Season Pass has “two banned volumes.” Not to mention, the Pass will include an additional story episode. Of course, if this will be expanding on the story of Ethan and his connection to the Baker family is unknown yet.

Resident Evil 7 will officially be released on January 24, 2017. Players can grab the game for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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