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Resident Evil 7 Guide: All Locations For Antique Coins

Resident Evil 7
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Resident Evil 7 Guide: All Locations For Antique Coins

Collection is the hallmark of any game with any decent exploration value. This is why Resident Evil 7 has a lot of it along the way. This guide will tell you where to find some of these collectibes.

Antique coins were already teased to be a part of Resident Evil 7 even in the trailers. However, players by then were not sure what purpose these served. It seems the coins themselves serve an integral part of the endgame collection process.

Resident Evil 7 fans will understand that these coins are hard to find through the Baker’s mansion. However, this guide will help you locate every coin in the house. Buckle up as this guide will take you throughout the mansion.

Resident Evil 7: Antique Coins

According to Game Rant, there are a total of 18 coins throughout the house. Players can collect them while playing on the Easy and Normal difficulties of the game. There are 33 coins in the Madhouse difficulty, which is a ridiculous amount to be fit inside such a huge house.

The 18 coins are possible to be located on just one playthrough. However, gamers may need to take their time to search the house to locate them properly. Players can alternatively look at PS4Trophies’ video guide to ensure they locate everything.


  • A coin is located when you grab the key and crawl into the crawlspace underneath the house. It’s beside the red lawnmower.
  • Another coin is in the main hall of the house, in a drawer in the upper left. This is before the phone and the dilapidated sofa next to the door with the dog head.
  • One coin is in the briefing room, as in the room with the whiteboard. It’s near the table with the locked box.
  • One coin is inside the recreation room at the second floor of the main house. It’s above the pool table and near the locked door, with Mr. Everywhere.
  • There’s another coin in the bathroom. If you look into the toilet, the coin can be found inside.


  • A coin is in the old house with the small house that induces hallucinations. The hallway that leads into the side room with Mia has a trolley with a coin.
  • Another coin is in the room with the crow key on top of the toilet.
  • There’s a dead end inside the old house that needs a lantern. The room with the lantern has a set of drawers and the coin is on the top-most.

More locations


  • A coin is in the first floor of the testing area. A large barn to the left has a boxy storage room that’s booby trapped. However, you need to shoot the trip wire explosive to make the room safer. The coin is on the green desk.
  • After the encounter with the fat man, there’s a button to drop stairs back down to the first floor. Look for the chest-high shelves, as atop of one of them is the coin.


  • After the screenshot with the two workers, there’s a duct that they opened. Go down that hole. The right side has a dead end, but it has a coin.
  • There’s a dead body that will make you drop into water. The left of the ladder that leads you out has a coin.
  • A big red box has a coin inside but it’s locked. There’s a lockpick at the second floor, on the northern side of the map, opposite the stairwell door. You will see a small sideroom near the bunk rooms. There’s a ladder you have to climb to get ammo and examine the mitts.
  • Lastly, there’s another one in a locked box after one of the engine rooms. There’s a room that has some stairs. Climb them until you get to a higher-up door with a safe box. You need corrosive to melt the door.


  • A coin is in the Processing Area in the basement. It’s the room with the area map. A wooden palette is leaning against the wall. To the right of that palette is the coin.
  • The Yard has another coin. Head down the small steps onto the grass. Make two hard rights and push up towards the wall of the house. There’s a coin in a plant pot.
  • The Trailer in front of the cage with the Magnum gun has a coin.

Locating everything can approximately take a half-hour. This is because the guide also maneuvers away from encountering monsters and members of the Baker household. However, the question as to how the Bakers are superhumanly powerful are revealed throughout the story.

More collectibles

Hardcore fans of the game are already trying the game on every difficulty level just to uncover all the secrets it has to offer. Normally, it takes ten hours to defeat the game as a whole. However, just exploring the house for every nook and cranny to find all secrets is a daunting task.

This is especially because the random encounters with the Bakers are in fact random throughout the playthrough. However, collecting the coins is just one aspect of the game that is interesting, as there are other collectibles as well. For instance, puzzles in the game can come in the form of mysterious VHS tapes.

These tapes are scattered throughout the present day. Locating them “alters” the passage of time into that of a “classic” footage. However, protagonists in the video that get to open drawers in their timeline will open them in the present. Interestingly, this mechanic was actually revealed in the demo.

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