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Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Get All Endings

Resident Evil 7 Guide
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/RabidRetrospectGames account

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Get All Endings

The most awaited survival horror video game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard by Capcom has been released just this January 24 worldwide. The game is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Players are feeling the hype with this game and here is a perfect Resident Evil 7 guide to play the game and achieve two different endings.

Get Both Endings

The PS4 platform of the game also has a bonus PlayStation VR headset capability. This installment is the first main series played from a first-person perspective so players are brought into a more scary gameplay as if they are actually in the setting of the game. To maximize the gameplay, players can achieve two endings. Here is a Resident Evil 7 guide on how to do this as cited in Game Rant:

  • After defeating Jack Baker, players will obtain the serum which will cure the disease of the family. In the game, there is only one serum left. In this Resident Evil 7 guide, players as Ethan are told to decide who they should give it to – Mia Winters or Zoe Baker. The choice that a player makes will determine the ending. This is the point where the story starts to divert into a variety of endings.
Resident Evil 7 GuidePia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/RabidRetrospectGames account

  • Ending 1 or Mia’s Ending: If Ethan gives the serum to Mia, a cut-scene will be shown. Thereafter, a section in a shipwreck will be shown. From this point on, players cannot change the ending of the game whatever they do. This will unlock the achievement on End of the Night.
  • Ending 2 or Zoe’s Ending: Players should load their save before the Boat House section or start over and play all the way to the Mia or Zoe option to achieve this ending. Players should give the serum to Zoe wherein the gameplay will remain unchanged. If players are successful, then they will achieve the Just A Memory Now trophy.

Differences Between the Two Endings

To give a better distinction between the two endings, we will enlighten you on the differences between the two as also cited in The Bit Bag. First is that the people that are escaping through the swamp on the boat will be altered. Second, players will learn more secrets about Mia than Zoe in their respective endings. This will happen while Zoe reveals to Ethan the details while they speed away on the boat. Players will learn the details if they choose to cure Mia. This will be widespread in the gameplay while on the ship.

In addition, once Mia and Ethan reunite on the ship in Mia’s ending, Mia is able to take the steps necessary to save Ethan herself. On the other hand, if players choose to cure Zoe, they would have to face Mia. However, regardless of if players fight Mia or are saved by her, both endings are the same until the end. This is a spoiler alert. But the main difference between the two endings lies in this spoiler. In Mia’s ending, she survives the night and receives treatment once they escape. In Zoe’s ending, Ethan leaves behind with the disease and he escapes depressed.

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