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Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Solve Happy Birthday Puzzle

Resident Evil 7 Guide
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Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Solve Happy Birthday Puzzle

You’re in Lucas Baker’s Party Room Puzzle and you can’t light those candles. What do you do? Maybe it’s time you acknowledge that you’re in need of a Resident Evil 7 guide to get through this bit.

Resident Evil 7 may have several puzzles in the game. It’s nice to try them out on your own at first. But if you find yourself going through them dozens of times to no avail, then try giving this Resident Evil 7 guide to the Happy Birthday Puzzle a chance.

This Resident Evil 7 guide comes in two parts. One will be a detailed walkthrough of the game while the last one will be the quickest way to solve it. Take note that solving the Birthday Puzzle under 5 minutes or less wins you a trophy.

Detailed Walkthrough

The objective of the Happy Birthday Puzzle is to light the candles on the birthday cake without it being extinguished by the water sprinklers around it. It’s not as easy as it looks so here’s what you can do.

First of all, take the candle from the clown mannequin near the testing room. Go through the doorway opposite the clown and take the right doorway again to enter.

There will be a toilet to the left of the mannequin. Flush the toilet and take the dirty telescope you find in there. Then, return to the room with the cake and use the sprinklers to wash away the dirt on the telescope.

Use the telescope and look at the TV monitors in the kitchen. Peering through it will give you three clues which are Hanging Noose, Bird on a Tombstone and Fetus. Use this combination to unlock the cabinet and take out the straw doll.

Head to the Kitchen and turn the burner on. Using the straw doll will let you find another item which is a dummy finger. Don’t forget to relight your candle on the stove burner.

Return to the TV monitors. On the door near it, use the fire in your candle to burn the rope that’s keeping the door shut. Enter and search through the cabinets for a balloon.

There will be a balloon with the reaper painted on it. Use that one. The Balloon will pop, giving you the quill pen.

Head back to the clown mannequin. Give the dummy finger and quill pen, and then use the winder key on its torso. The mannequin will give you the password to the ballroom’s locked door which is “LOSER”.

Enter the password on the padlock. Grab the valve handle once you enter. Go back to the room with the cake and use the valve handle to disable the sprinklers.

Finally, return to the Kitchen and light the candles. Place it on the birthday cake and you’re done.

Party Room Puzzle Under 5 Minutes

Are you ready to try this one out in the quickest time possible? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Get the candle from the mannequin
  2. Trigger Lucas’ taunts by going through the sprinklers
  3. Turn the burner on in the kitchen stove to relight your candle.
  4. Burn the rope keeping the door shut.
  5. Enter the password “LOSER” on the padlock.
  6. Grab the Valve Handle and use it disable the sprinklers.
  7. Relight your candles and place the birthday cake.
  8. Finally, put Lucas’ bomb in the hole in the wall near the oil barrel in the cake room.

If you’ve managed to do all these in under 5 minutes, congratulations! But if not, don’t worry. You can always try again.

Check out the video below if you need to go over this guide visually.

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