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Resident Evil 7 Guide On Creating The Flamethrower

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Resident Evil 7 Guide On Creating The Flamethrower

The flamethrower in Resident Evil 7, which is called the ‘burner’, is great for killing bugs and other elements. Here’s a Resident Evil 7 guide on where to find the parts needed to create the burner.

Many fans had been speculating on what the game would be like, especially with the drastic switch from third-person to a first-person perspective. The new title is true to the spirit of its predecessors. This Resident Evil 7 guide shows many popular weapons from the franchise’s past.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Create The Flamethrower

In Resident Evil 7, players need to build the banner on their own. First, they need to find two parts needed to create the weapon. These burner parts can be found in the Old House, which is a section in the middle of the game. The place is where players hide from Marguerite Baker. Furthermore, the Old House is filled with bugs that are much easier to kill with the burner. Find the blueprint in this Resident Evil 7 guide.

The blueprint of the burner can be found on the floor in the Old House. This will give players an overview on how to build the weapon. However, they don’t have to pick it up to build the weapon. It is essential to find the two parts. These are the burner grip and the burner nozzle. Next, combine them in the inventory screen the same as that of healing items.

Head to the Gallery room in the Old House where the burner grip is located. The Gallery is where the spider shadow puzzle happens in the Mia VHS tape. Moreover, a deck that players can access from the Gallery can be seen there, with some trashcans on it. In the deck, turn left and proceed to the open trashcan to find the burner grip inside.

Once the player acquires the grip, they need to look for the burner nozzle next. Proceed to the Dining Room area, and then go outside to the Water Shed. Further, open the door to the shed. This is where they’ll find the burner nozzle on the table. Take it and combine with the burner grip. Voila! Gamers can now use the burner flamethrower to eliminate Marguerite Baker and the bugs in the Old House.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Find The Ammo

What is a burner flamethrower without ammo? The flamethrower uses fuel as ammunition. In addition, gamers can create their own burner fuel once they have the necessary ingredients. Just find chem fluid and solid fuel. Combine these items together in the inventory to craft burner fuel that will be useful in the Old House and other areas.

Resident Evil 7 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR).

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