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Resident Evil 7 Guide To Beating Garage Boss Fight

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Resident Evil 7 Guide To Beating Garage Boss Fight

Resident Evil 7 fans will understand just how much of an enigmatic character Jack Baker is. This is why facing him in the game is terrifying. Fret no more, as this Resident Evil 7 guide teaches you just how you can take him out.

Jack Baker is the head and father figure of the mysterious Baker family from Resident Evil 7. They serve as the primary antagonists of Capcom’s newest offerings. The family is also the player’s first entry into the “reimagining” of the franchise, as any Resident Evil 7 guide will show.

However, Jack Baker also gets to be one of the primary bosses in the game. He is also one of the hardest to beat early on. This Resident Evil 7 guide will make sure you do exactly that and proceed to the next half of the game.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Jack Baker Boss Fight

According to Game Rant, the fight against Jack Baker in the garage is the second major boss fight. It is incredibly hard to do in the first try, and without a guide. In fact, players ought to strap on a few medical kits before heading on to the garage.

The normal course of action is to typically hide from Jack Baker through the game. However this time it seems players have to defeat him. The major fight with Jack occurs the first time players reach the garage. A gruesome cutscene will have players grab the deputy’s handgun and run away from Jack quickly. Unlike the first boss fight with Mia, the objects will not slow him down this time.

The garage will have handgun ammunition and healing items, so make sure you check them out. Just remember that Jack will do everything to kill you, so be prepared to heal immediately. Jack’s attack deals massive damage if he gets close enough.

The Baker patriarch will also stagger for a while if you hit guard just before he hits. Also grab the car keys from the bench and lead him away from the vehicle. Shoot him in the head to stun him and get to the car quick.

Car fight

On the off-chance that Jack gets to the car before it’s turned on, he will actually get you out of it. He will eventually have it working and attempt to run players over – inside the garage. Despite the rather crazy approach, shooting Jack is the only way out or players get crushed on the wall.

If you get to the car before Jack does, smash him into the walls. There will eventually be a time that Jack’s body suddenly disappears and a new cutscene appears. This time, Jack rips off the car’s roof and tries to force Ethan to kill himself by driving into some pipes.

You can counter-attack by pulling a little to the left so Jack gets hit instead. By the time the car stops, get out as soon as possible. Jack will eventually emerge, engulfed in flames, solving this part of the trailer from the Resident Evil YouTube channel. The next explosion will knock him down, so do not waste any more bullets.

The fight ends with a ladder getting knocked near the work bench. Start climbing the ladder and pull the right trigger when prompted. This officially ends the garage battle with Jack.

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