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Resident Evil 7 Guide To Beating Madhouse Mode

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Resident Evil 7 Guide To Beating Madhouse Mode

So you’ve unlocked the Madhouse difficulty setting. But you’re not sure just how difficult this mode is or if you should need any assistance. Here’s a Resident Evil 7 guide to help you through this mode in the game.

Resident Evil 7 has recently had their anti-tamper system from Denuvo cracked. But it hasn’t stopped many from buying the game and playing it. Players are also stocking up on tips and tricks for boss fights and other Resident Evil 7 guide posts to finish the game.

In this Resident Evil 7 guide, we’ll help you with what you need to know in getting past the Madhouse mode. This mode can be quite tricky, but the reward for beating it is worth it.

Beat The Game Once

One can only start playing the Madhouse difficulty setting once you beat the game first. But, it is not recommended to play this setting right after you see it become available.

You’ll need a few items to help you. Go through some of the missions needed. Unlock certain items such as the circular chainsaw before proceeding with Madhouse.

Unlock All Items

As mentioned above, you’ll need special items to bring with you before playing the Madhouse mode. You’ll need the Albert-01R hangun, which comes after completing the game once. Smashing all the Mr. Everywhere statuettes around the Baker house to get the walking shoes is also needed.

Walking shoes will help you walk through the games faster. They will come in handy when you beat the game in under four hours. Upon completing this challenge, you’ll be given a circular saw which helps in fighting off the Bakers.

You’ll also need the x-ray glasses which are available in the same challenge as the walking shoes. This will help you find items easier around the house.

Madhouse Difficulty

You’ll be dealing with Jack Baker all over again in this setting. But you’ll notice that during the game, he may be giving you a break. This is because you’ll be exploring the mansion continuously.

It is recommended to fight Jack directly. But be sure not to waste too much ammunition on him. You can use the circular saw against him as this will have Jack taken aback.

This guide also warns players to watch out for the Fat Molded. These are a mutation of Molded monsters and can be quite deadly.

Recommended Weapons

That Albert-01R handgun will come in handy so be sure to bring it with you. You’ll also need a grenade launcher.

Find the broken shotgun and the repair kit to fix it as this is also needed. You’ll find the broken shotgun in Grandma’s Room.

Antique Coins

There are 33 Antique Coins in the house. Collecting them can help you purchase previously used items. Again, it is recommended to only get the item you need, such as a .44 magnum, once you have the coins.

Boss Fight

Boss Fights can be quite daunting but remember to use the weapons mentioned above, especially the circular saw. The circular saw is more helpful than it looks, so make sure to have it with you.

However, one boss fight does not allow any player to use the saw. This is the fight against Mia.

To defeat Mia, make sure to avoid her by running around her. Shoot her on the hip and head as that proves to be more effective. Remember to save your ammunition as the boss fight with Mia can make you use up most of your bullets.

Beating the Madhouse difficulty setting will reward you with infinite ammunition. Once you’re ready, load up the Madhouse mode and let us know if this guide was helpful. Keep posted for more updates on Video Games Republic.

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