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Resident Evil 7 Guide To Beating The Boathouse Boss

Resident Evil 7 Guide
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Resident Evil 7 Guide To Beating The Boathouse Boss

If you’re in need of a Resident Evil 7 guide to beating the Boathouse Boss, we’ve got you covered. Video Games Republic has the tips and tricks you need in your fight with Jack.

The game, which recently shipped around 2.5 million units worldwide, is one of the most played games this start of the year. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if the need for a Resident Evil 7 guide is a must. The enemies one must face in this game has become quite a challenge.

Don’t fret though. Our Resident Evil 7 guide to beating Jack will be helpful. This time, you’re guaranteed you’ll beat him a second time around.


This is probably the easiest and basic move in beating the boathouse boss. The goal in your fight with Jack is to take out every one of his eyes. But not all moves should be offensive.

Defend yourself by blocking Jack’s attacks and swipes. He’ll swipe at you once the fight begins so stand by and be ready. Have your arms up to block his attacks.

Remember, Jack hits hard. You’ll have your chance to retaliate later. But first, always remember to block.

Lure Him Up And Down

You’ll need to get a nice shot at Jack in the game. To do so, you’ll need to lure him up and down.

Use the ladder to travel up and down and attack him. If you’re on the same ground, you won’t give Jack much damage. So move around and find a spot to attack. Aim especially at his undersides.

Use The Grenade Launcher

If you have a grenade launcher, use it. You’ll find a chance before the boss fight begins. It’ll give you an advantage as the fight continues.

You can also use the grenade launcher later on in the fight. Jack has many eyes so using the launcher can hit some of his weak spots.

Reload And Fire At Once

It’s going to get you all excited once you pop an eyeball or two. Though that will be helpful, always remember the main point is to destroy all of Jack’s eyes.

Don’t lose focus and don’t forget to reload. Take that chance to get in more hits so you can defeat Jack fast.


You’ll be surprised that the choice of first aid doesn’t come as important as supplying yourself with ammo. Two health vials should be okay. But prioritize in stocking up on ammunition.

Did you find this guide helpful? Let us know below.

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