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Resident Evil 7 Guide To Obtaining True Ending In Daughters DLC

Resident Evil 7 Guide
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Resident Evil 7 Guide To Obtaining True Ending In Daughters DLC

Resident Evil 7 is basking in the glory of great sales while players are awaiting for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, among other titles. RE 7‘s Banned Footage Volume 2 was released recently. It revealed two new chapters which users can explore. Here is a Resident Evil 7 guide on how to ace it. Whether it be the good, or bad ending, it’s the player’s choice.

All About Banned Footage Volume 2 : Daughters

In Daughters, users play supporting character Zoe Baker on the night their family’s lives make a 360-degree turn. This is spoiler-filled, definitely.

In this Resident Evil 7 guide, users are taken to two endings. First, there is the bad ending that puts Zoe in an ugly situation. Secondly, the good or real ending, which still puts her in a murky dilemma. However, it directs her to the chronological events of the game.

Resident Evil 7 Guide To The True Ending

Remember to follow the instructions set in the game. First, proceed to the laundry room and gather the clothes on one of the shelves. It is not hard to miss because it is the first save room once the dinner scene is done. Do not leave the laundry room — instead, go back to the crawlspace which will lead to the pantry. As the player proceeds to the pantry, they’ll find the lockpick. This is the first item needed to progress, so don’t forget.

Upstairs, never proceed straight to the most obvious room to go to. Just sneak in the bathroom. A drawer can be found here where the player will find a small component. Take it, and then go to future antagonist’s Lucas’ room. There, hold up until the scene ends and then turn to the right up to the corner in the room. In the trophy area, insert the component to the trophy. Beware, because the stairs will fall once the component is successfully attached.

Closer And Closer

Now, head up the stairs where a note is waiting to be read. Don’t forget to read it, and then use the laptop. Key in the password, which is 1019, and then read the contents. Next, communicate with the mysterious character named Evie, and then Lucas downstairs. Ultimately, go upstairs and look for another future antagonist, named Marguerite.

Once in the bathroom, run really fast to the garage. The door leads players to a rope inside after they push the button. Do not forget to take the rope. Return to the bathroom, where the scene will take another turn. Here is the moment where they have to run really fast and hide in the recreation room. Go back to the door and use it to tie the knob.

Fork, Nails, Dog Head Relief

Proceed to Grandma’s Room, and get the fork. The room is not hard to miss because there is a label on it. Once the player acquires the fork, use it to take out the nails out of a window in the Recreation Room. This will help them escape through the balcony. Once out, go right and walk briskly as far as possible. The player will find an opening, which they need to go through. While walking, a red box can be seen. Focus on walking first until an opening can be seen on the right.  Enter it and then turn left.

Remember the red box? Open it and get the item labeled dog head relief. Proceed to the main hall and avoid the enemy lurking in it. 

Bad Ending

Proceed to the Kitchen where Maugerite will appear. After the annoying scare, she’ll suddenly regain consciousness. The future antagonist will give the player the keys to the Bakers’ car and ask Zoe to leave.

Run and get in the car. Voila! Bad ending.

Good Ending

Meanwhile, to finish with the good or true ending, do not get in the car. Instead, proceed to the trailer. Unearth the Dog Head Relief item and slip it through the door.

Remember that there is a guest who was out in the trailer, as explained in Banned Footage Volume 1. Find the guest using the trailer. Once found, look for the note laid on the table, which another mysterious character called Mia is still holding. Voila! Good ending.

Here is a Resident Evil 7 guide video version to get a clearer picture of what’s happening in the game. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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