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Resident Evil 7 Guide To The Dirty Coin & What It’s For

Resident Evil 7 Guide
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Resident Evil 7 Guide To The Dirty Coin & What It’s For

Remember that puzzle in Resident Evil 7’s demo that no one could figure out? Well, it turned out to be an item known as the Dirty Coin. In this Resident Evil 7 guide, you’ll learn what the Dirty Coin is and what it’s for.

To start this Resident Evil 7 guide, the Dirty Coin is in your item box at the start of the game. In a more simple term, the Dirty Coin serves as an extra Antique Coin. It helps you get upgrades earlier or it already fills out your collection if you don’t have Antique Coins yet.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: What Are Antique Coins?

You’ll need antique coins in acquiring special items. These are very important as they can land you a health upgrade, a reload speed booster and a Magnum. Find these items in locked bird cages wherein the coins come in handy to open them.

There are 20 Antique Coins in Resident Evil 7. If you can’t find all of them, that’s where the Dirty Coin comes in handy as you can use them to open the birdcages.

Where To Find A Dirty Coin

You can get a dirty coin by playing the Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo. Find the coin as you go through the items needed to find in the game. Make sure to have this demo saved once you’re done since this will be used when the game releases on the 24th.

Here’s a very quick guide in getting the Dirty Coin:

  • Fuse – get the fuse and keep it in the fusebox
  • Blank Notebook – complete the entries in the blank notebook
  • Bolt Cutters and VHS Tape – get the bolt cutters in the room full of corpses. Activate the VHS player and watch the tape.
  • Attic Key – get the key in the room filled with hanging bodies
  • Hand Axe – get the hand axe in the kitchen
  • Finger and Hand – the finger can be found in a room near the stairwell

Afterwards, you have to solve the murders and collect all five giggles to complete this demo. Exit by using the ladder and then save the game.

Keep all your coins since you will be needing every single one of them when you play Resident Evil 7 on the 24th.

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