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Resident Evil 7 Guide To Unlocking Infinite Ammo

Resident Evil 7 Guide
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Resident Evil 7 Guide To Unlocking Infinite Ammo

Having infinite ammo sounds like the best item one can have while playing Resident Evil 7. Well, look no further. Infinite ammo can be acquired in the game and here is a Resident Evil 7 guide that will teach you how to get it.

Completing the game can unlock a series of items that are helpful as you unlock more hidden items such as the x-ray glasses and The Secrets and Essence of Defense. But clearly, the ultimate item is the infinite ammo. This Resident Evil 7 guide will instruct you where to find all of them in the game.

Recently, speedrunners were reported to have finished the game in 90 minutes. This Resident Evil 7 guide will not be able to teach you how to do that. But one thing for certain: you’ll need to beat the game at a certain amount of time for you to acquire some items and there are ways you can breeze through the game.

To start, we’d like to let readers know first that this guide will contain spoilers. So if you’re up for that, then read on to find out where and how to get your infinite ammo.

Beat the Game

Once is enough. Just complete the game once in any difficult setting and this will lead to unlocking different items. This will also open up a new difficulty setting.

One item you’ll obtain is an Albert-o1R handgun. This is known as a pistol powerful enough to help you in a boss fight. The handgun will appear in the item box after you unlock it.

Beating the game once will also let you receive the The Secrets of Defense. This is the item that will let you receive less damage when you block an attack from an enemy. This can be paired with another item and is useful in a boss fight, so carry it around with you.

Complete the Game in 4 Hours Or Less

Completing the game once isn’t the only thing you need to accomplish. You also need to beat the game in under 4 hours. Speedrunners have completed Resident Evil 7 in 90 minutes so you can be sure such a feat can be accomplished in 4 hours.

The items you received after beating the game once will help you. When you finish this challenge, you’ll receive a pair of x-ray glasses and a circular saw.

The x-ray glasses will help you find items you need to collect around you. The circular saw, on the other hand, will help you deal with the Baker family quickly.

Find and Break The Mr. Everywhere Statuettes

There are 20 Mr. Everywhere bobbleheads in the Baker plantation. Find and break all of them to unlock the Walking Shoes. This will help you walk around faster and can be helpful if you want to beat the game in 4 hours or less.

This will also unlock The Essence of Defense. When one uses this with The Secrets of Defense, players take less damage when they block off an enemy’s attack during a fight.

Madhouse Difficulty

This is where one can find the ultimate item. Completing the Madhouse difficulty will earn you what you’ve been looking for: infinite ammo.

The Madhouse difficulty can already be played once you beat the game. But, it’s best to acquire all the items mentioned above since this level can be extra challenging.

The infinite ammo is worth it, considering you won’t have to find ammunition for any of your weapons anymore. Not only that, it makes playing the game easier.

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