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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where To Find All Special Keys

Resident Evil 7 Guide

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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where To Find All Special Keys

A Resident Evil 7 Guide is required for finding all the special keys. These include the Dissection, Snake, Scorpion and Crow keys. A guide is needed for accessing areas which are otherwise hard to get into.

A suitable Resident Evil 7 Guide will always help you immensely since several zones remain inaccessible at the beginning. You are required to track several keys. These keys are access items for these areas.

These keys are imperative for progressing swiftly throughout the game. This is why a Resident Evil 7 Guide is highly necessary. Segment Next reports that the Scorpion key can be found in the processing zone. This is the area with all the meat!

What You Should Do Next

Once you come here, you can move towards the place with the refrigerators. You will find a chunk of meat kept inside a green tray here. If you observe this tray carefully, you will see the Scorpion key.

The key sticks out of the meat itself. With this key, you will easily seek out the shotgun. This is a major weapon that helps you get ahead in the game.

For finding the Crow key, you need to move towards the first floor in the Old House. You should then exit from the Dining Room and move straight. This zone will take you to an outhouse with a treasure chest!

Yes, this treasure chest contains the Crow Key! Game Skinny reports that the Snake Key is not found so easily. To find this, you have to first survive the Old House quest. You also have to trounce Marguerite.

You will then get a call from Zoe Baker. She will ask you to meet her in the Yard at her camper. However, you will not come across Zoe when you reach the aforementioned location.

Finding the Snake & Dissection Room Keys

You are required to go to the Dissection Room to find Zoe. There you will find a policeman’s corpse. You should go towards the dead body and interact with the same. The Snake Key is basically stuck in the throat of this dead body.

This key will enable access to Jacob’s room. This will enable the completion of the Hidden Puzzle. This gives you the Stabilizer which scales up Ethan’s reload speed as well.

The Dissection Room Key is present in the Incinerator Room. You should only open the particular drawers without any name tags. The one on the extreme left will have a Molded coming out.

You can leave it or fight it. You should then go back to the drawer and get the Dissection Room Key. This key is needed for progressing towards triggering the boss fight.

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