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Resident Evil 7 News: Why It Will Be The Hardest Game In The Series

Resident Evil 7
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Resident Evil 7 News: Why It Will Be The Hardest Game In The Series

Resident Evil 7 is expected to be the toughest game in the entire series. This has been confirmed by official sources at Capcom. Fans are now pretty excited about the development.

Resident Evil 7 has been generating huge interest among fans across the globe. The game is now making players think about new possibilities. Tougher challenges can be expected since the focus of game development is also shifting.

Resident Evil 7 will no longer be crafted with a firm focus on the action game theme. Action themes were primary influencers for the earlier few gaming titles. In spite of the series being hugely popular, it will now be made even tougher.

Will Enemies Be More Powerful?

Enemies will not be that easy to finish off and players will now be very scared at times as well. Gaming Bolt reports that fear will be a predominant focus point for the new game. Higher difficulty is expected as one of the key components of the entire thrill ahead.

Hajime Horiuchi from Capcom officially talked of how higher difficulties are intentional. He has also confirmed that difficulty will be “a little higher” in the process. Additionally, he shared how the “aspect of fear” is a major focus point.

Horiuchi confirmed that the makers are worried about the game ultimately being “too easy”. He also talked of how “enemy encounters” should make players anxious and tense. In case they “aren’t too big of a deal”, the purpose is defeated.

What Else Did Horiuchi Say?

He also talks of how the “enemy is capable of killing you” even in a “one versus one situation”. This is something that the makers “wanted to make sure”. This will make players “feel that anxiety” according to him.

Xbox Tavern also reports that thrilling and scary game play will be present in the game. It is due to release on the 24th of January. PS4, PC and Xbox One will be the platforms where it will be available.

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