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Resident Evil 7 Not Coming To Nintendo Switch – Here’s Why

Resident Evil 7


Resident Evil 7 Not Coming To Nintendo Switch – Here’s Why

The latest Resident Evil 7 may not see itself in the Nintendo Switch. This is sad news for fans who want to see it in the new console. However, it seems fans may have to wait for more announcements.

This is big news for hardcore Resident Evil 7 fans. After all, the Nintendo Switch did say they will have third-party support. Games like Skyrim will be seen on the Switch, so why not the hit zombie game? Capcom may have an explanation.

Regardless, this does not make the release of Resident Evil 7 less hyped than before. Fans are still expressing sheer interest in their new take in the franchise. Which begs the question, just which Capcom game will make it to the Switch?

Resident Evil 7: Absence on the Switch

The absence of the game on the Switch was confirmed to Express Online. Producer Masachika Kawata said that while the Switch is indeed a “unique piece of hardware,” there are no plans to bring the game to the console. According to a NeoGAF post, Kawata said there are no plans “as of the moment.”

Rumors of the game’s arrival to the Switch came after Capcom’s announcement that it is one of the many development partners for the console. Given that Resident Evil is one of its most popular franchises, it makes sense for a Switch arrival to be possible. Sadly, this does not appear to be the case. Capcom is yet to release a clarification on this Switch absence.

More zombies

The game still remains to be one of the most expected games of the year. It will arrive on January 24 for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. It was also recently confirmed that the latest Resident Evil game is an Xbox Play Anywhere game. This means players who purchase an Xbox One version of the game can get it on the PC for free.

Some players can even get the first five Resident Evil movies bundled with a pre-order. This is due to the fact that the last film in the franchise will also be releasing on January 27. This is a ton of zombies for players to comprehend.

Meanwhile, Nintendo’s latest console will be launched on March 3. Players can buy it for a base price of $300. However, other causes of concern rose when it was revealed that a lot of Switch peripherals are rather costly.

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