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Resident Evil 7 PC Update: Denuvo Responds To Quick Piracy Crack

Resident Evil 7 PC
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Resident Evil 7 PC Update: Denuvo Responds To Quick Piracy Crack

In recent Resident Evil 7 news, Denuvo finally released a statement regarding its anti-piracy software being cracked. The Australian Company’s marketing director Thomas Geobl spoke up about the Resident Evil 7 PC incident and referred to it as just “hard to crack and not as uncrackable.”

Less than a week after Resident Evil 7 PC was released, news reports revealed that a cracked version of the game was already out. It took five days for the game to lose its anti-tamper system, making many wonder if Denuvo is losing its grip.

But, Goebl said that even if this incident occurred, he assured the public that their anti-tampering technology served its purpose and was still able to protect Resident Evil 7 PC. He also added that Denuvo never claimed that it is totally resistant to any security attempt.

Furthermore, Goebl also said that the breach was a way for them to improve their technology. This is a positive way of looking at the incident and one can only expect Denuvo will start strengthening its technology even further.

Denuvo’s Statement

Denuvo’s statement confirmed that Resident Evil 7 was cracked. The statement says that the company’s anti-tamper solution is just “hard to crack” but not uncrackable.

The company also added that there has only been one piracy group who has managed to find a way around their software. Along with the statement, Denuvo assured the public that it is continuing to improve its security. In addition, Goebl said that they do not have deals as of the moment to refund a cracked game.

Stopping Video Game Piracy

Video game piracy has been a huge issue through the years. In fact, even popular hacking group 3DM believes that it will end in the next two years. According to reports, Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology could still improve to be so complicated that it could end piracy.

This is good news for developers like Ubisoft who believe Digital Rights Management (DRM) is important for the PC. But, there are also some who believe DRM can still cause piracy. Good Old Games’ Lukasz Kukawsi believes that DRM will drive people to pirate even more games.

According to him, there are those who purchase a game and still download a cracked version of it. This is for them to play without the DRM involved. Thus, such an approach is not exactly a foolproof plan.

However, this is still too far down the road for anyone to completely tell whether video game piracy will surely come to an end in two years time. For more video game updates, keep posted on Video Games Republic.

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