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Resident Evil 7 Release Date & Gameplay Reveals All Spoilers – Details Here

Resident Evil 7
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Resident Evil 7 Release Date & Gameplay Reveals All Spoilers – Details Here

Giddy to finish Resident Evil 7 immediately? Here is a list of spoilers and gameplay details to fast track progress. Players have been warned.

Resident Evil 7 Details Found

The most interesting reveal is the footprint that the developers left to a former character named Albert. This may be a clue that directs to Albert Wesker, one of the antagonists in the early versions of Resident Evil. Meanwhile, fans are speculating that these might just be codes to the old models of equipment that Albert used to have.

Resident Evil fans unraveled the code of the Beginning Hour demo and found a lot of clues. In addition, they’ve discovered familiar names such as LastBossGetAlbert and LastBossFinishGetGun. Even more, weapons and enemies were decoded in the demo.

There are other theories pertaining to the Albert code. Some fans speculate that the code refers to Al Lester, a character from Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. 

Lester, also known as Axe Man, dedicated his life to serving a plant that acquired his wife’s dead body. Furthermore, the body contains a virus that mutated his body. The mutation affected his sense of reason, turning him into a serial killer.

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Snippets of every chapter were uncovered by NeoGAF, including a comprehensive list of weaponry and tutorials. The original report was datamined by Reddit, but the former did a more detailed guide for those who can’t wait.

Four DLC Expansions Revealed

The fans also discovered bad and true endings in the script. What’s interesting is the backend revealed four downloadable content (DLC) that include survival and puzzle-centered stages in the game. Furthermore, they found a card game, and a story chapter that consists of three endings.

The dataminers speculated that the DLC is an array of minigames in Resident Evil 7. It seems they only found the shell of some of the undeveloped content because the details are not found in the code.

The information may be incredibly detailed, but there’s still a lot of plot points that are missing. Furthermore, it is still better to play the game than to just read code. Some of the codes may not be accurate, which is why it is best to proceed with caution.

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