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Resident Evil 7 Release Date & News: Available Weapons & How To Find Them

Resident Evil 7 Release Date

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Resident Evil 7 Release Date & News: Available Weapons & How To Find Them

With the Resident Evil 7 Release Date recently revealed, another revelation took place: the game would feature plenty of available weapons, but with a catch.

The Resident Evil 7 demo was finally released yesterday for the Xbox One, while PC users will finally experience the horror when the demo gets released this upcoming December 19.

With the demo becoming more and more accessible to everyone, and more game trailers being released recently, comes more speculations and rumors.

Resident Evil 7 confirmed to feature plenty of weaponry

Some of the trailers had shown a Handgun, and even the high powered ones from the first game made appearances as well, such as the Shotgun and Magnum. While the presence of high caliber firearms is confirmed, there are still no signs of semi-automatic guns.

Resident Evil 7 producer Masachika Kawata himself confirmed the presence of a nice arsenal of weaponry in the game, during his interview with the Gaming Bolt website.

But before some players start whining about the game heading for an action-packed direction again due to the presence of high powered guns, there is quite a catch.

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The availability of high powered firearms

The main catch is that such weapons won’t be easy to find and would be a pain to obtain. While it wasn’t directly stated, this also implies that the ammo for them would most likely be scarce.

This means players have to deal with complex puzzles and diabolical traps similar to the very first game. This would involve having players risk ending up as a “Jill Sandwich” just to get their hands on a shotgun.

Weapons and ammo have become easier to obtain even since Resident Evil 2 onwards.

The Resident Evil 7 Release Date is January 24, 2017, as confimred in Segment Next.

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