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Resident Evil 7 Release Date & News: Xbox One Demo Now Available

Resident Evil 7 Release Date

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Resident Evil 7 Release Date & News: Xbox One Demo Now Available

The Resident Evil 7 Demo is now available for the Xbox One, as the Resident Evil 7 Release Date draws near! PlayStation 4 owners have been hogging all the fun ever since the The Resident Evil 7 Demo first came out. Now, Xbox One owners can stop wallowing in salt and have a taste of Resident Evil 7 through the demo version of the game. PC owners will also be able to eventually experience the horror as well.

Resident Evil 7 Xbox One Demo

The Resident Evil 7 Xbox One Demo is available right now for download at the official Xbox website! The file size is 3.64 GB. So, Xbox One owners might want to free up some space with the aforementioned file size.

Resident Evil 7 Windows PC Demo

Capcom  hasn’t completely forgotten about the owners of the PC version of the game. The Resident Evil 7 Windows PC Demo is scheduled for release this December 19 — around a month before the official Resident Evil 7 Release Date. The release date for the PC demo could also be confirmed at the Game Spot website.

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Capcom is expecting the game to sell an estimated four million copies on the first day of its release.

The PlayStation 4 version of the game is also receiving the best treatment because of its PlayStation VR compatibility. This would further enhance the horrifying experience the game has to offer. The shift from the traditional 3rd person view to 1st person view in the game mainly had to do with the PlayStation VR as well. The very first Resident Evil game released in first person view, however, is the spin-off Resident Evil Gun Survivor for the PS One.

The Resident Evil 7 Release Date would be this 24th of January next year, which has also been confirmed on the Cinema Blend website.

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