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Resident Evil 7 Season Pass To Include New Story Episode

Resident Evil 7

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Resident Evil 7 Season Pass To Include New Story Episode

Resident Evil 7 plans to release a season pass for all the content of the newest installment of the franchise. There will be three big content packs coming for Capcom’s newest title.

Resident Evil 7 Season Pass

The seventh installment of the series, Resident Evil 7 ,is a spinoff. It is very different from its predecessors, mainly due to its first person nature. Furthermore, the game giant changed the focus in RE 7. The title takes on a Silent Hill-esque approach compared to the biological warfare and hi-tech weapons seen in other games.

The Season Pass unlocks an additional story episode. Even more, it unveils two volumes of banned footage. Each volume contains three episodes. Meanwhile, the extra story episode is untitled. It will be the last episode available for download in the pass:

  • Banned Footage Vol. 1
    • Nightmare
    • Bedroom
    • Ethan Must Die
  • Banned Footage Vol. 2
    • 21
    • Daughters
    • Jack’s 55th Birthday
  • Additional Story Episode

In addition, the Season Pass will available on Steam. The details of the content are still unknown. However, Steam revealed that all content will be available by December 31, 2017. The price of the Season Pass is not listed. Furthermore, the game is on sale for $60 each, and the base game including the pass goes by $90. Looking at the prices, the season pass may be sold at $30 separately.

Resident Evil 7 System Requirements

Ready to explore the world of The Bakers? It is better to check computer specs first. The game works best on Intel Core i5-4460, with 2.70 GigaHertz (GHz) or Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) FX-6300 or better. The game looks photorealistic, which is why getting an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon will help gamers appreciate the stunning and gore-filled reality of Biohazard. 

The game is the first of its predecessors that can be enjoyed in Virtual Reality (VR). Capcom revealed Resident Evil’s VR support feature in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2016. Development began in February 2014 under the watchful eye of Capcom producer Masachika Kawata.

RE 7 will be released on January 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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