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Resident Evil 7 Update: Preorders Include Free Digital Code For Film

Resident Evil 7
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Resident Evil 7 Update: Preorders Include Free Digital Code For Film

An era of survival horror ends as a new one begins. It seems the newest Resident Evil 7 update has news about the latest film in the series. Fans will be delighted that the pre-orders for the game will come with a free digital film code of the last film.

It seems though that this will only be available for fans situated in the United States. Those who pre-ordered Resident Evil 7 will be finding themselves access to a digital copy of Screen Gems’ Resident Evil: Retribution. This is the latest film of the franchise starring Milla Jovovich.

This is good news given the release date of the game is just a few weeks away. It’s also safe to presume that Capcom will be upping its ante in the marketing scene to get people into buying the game. This recent news on the Resident Evil 7 update is perhaps the beginning of the bombshells ahead.

Resident Evil 7 Update: How to Get Free Film

Resident Evil: Retribution is not the “last” film per se as that is reserved for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. However, Retribution is the most recent film of the franchise released in 2012. Fans will recall the film series to have some of their favorite characters with a radically-different story.

Jovovich stars as Alice, a supposedly-BOW (Bio-Organic-Weapon) from Umbrella Corporation that went rogue. She joins forces with familiar characters such as Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield to rid the world off of zombies. Interestingly, villains such as Nemesis and Albert Wesker are encountered as well.

According to Game Rant, the redemption code will be printed on the receipt when the game is picked up to download the movie’s digital code. This is for those who bought the pre-order via GameStop. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 users can obtain the film through the VUDU app, with Xbox fans via the Xbox Store. The offer is available in the United States until February 6.

If you pre-order digitally, Xbox gamers can get the code via Xbox Live. However, this is not the only freebie in the pre-order. Apparently, those who pre-order the game through the PlayStation Network (PSN) will be getting a different version of the freebie. Instead of the film, they get a coupon code for 40-percent off from the PSN for all the other Resident Evil films in HD.

Revolution for Survival Horror?

However, these are not the only freebies in the pre-order. According to Capcom Unity, fans will be able to get the Survival Pack bonus in the game. This gives them access to loadouts such as the Handgun Set, the Burner Set, the Chem Fluid Set, and the Recovery Set.

This gives players an edge against the inhuman threats inside the Baker Manor. They all contain special items that can all be used for your benefit. For instance, the Recovery Set has green healing herbs. Meanwhile, the Handgun Set has ammunition.

This makes the game easily one of the most-expected titles of the year. After all, the demos themselves have scared the utter living hell out of some of its viewers. Given it even has a VR version in the works, horror is truly up for another run with the Resident Evil 7 update.

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