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Resident Evil 7 VR Experience Enhanced With Scented Candle

Resident Evil 7 VR

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Resident Evil 7 VR Experience Enhanced With Scented Candle

There is more excitement in store for fans eagerly awaiting the release of Resident Evil 7 VR. There will now be a special scented candle to enhance the thrilling experiences of gamers. Players can now experience diverse smells across the spooky New Orleans house amidst all the terrible creatures present.

Resident Evil 7 VR has just added one more feather in its cap through this special scented candle. An official candle has been unveiled and is called the Resident Evil 7: Blood, Sweat and Fears 4D VR Candle. This candle will reportedly smell just like leather, old timer and a little blood as per the makers.

Resident Evil 7 VR players are certainly in for a thrilling ride ahead. The candle will last for approximately 18-20 hours. Depending on the time one needs to successfully combat all the creatures inside, it should suffice. A single candle is all one needs to get through the entire game.

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Price & Other Details 

The candle is priced at $18.99 which is quite expensive to say the least. The Verge reports that this candle will evoke the sheer terror inside the game through olfactory sensations.

WWG has also reported that the candle is an officially licensed product and is available through Capcom. This candle is 100% officially licensed merchandise according to experts. This ensures that it has already been tested by Capcom.

Why You Should Buy It 

The candle has been found to be quite scary and has hence been approved. The candle gives a whole new dimension to the game. The VR (virtual reality) experience combines with it perfectly as per the makers. You will now be able to smell almost everything and this will draw you further into the game itself.

The candle has a specially created scent which will heighten the overall experience. The candle can be pre-ordered from the 20th of January onwards.

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