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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough For All Bobblehead Locations

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough


Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough For All Bobblehead Locations

Here is a Resident Evil 7 walkthrough for all the bobblehead locations. Fans already know of Mr. Everywhere. Here are tips on finding and eliminating all 20 statues.

Mr. Everywhere is a super creepy football player’s statue as you’ll see in a Resident Evil 7 walkthrough. These bobblehead statues are placed all throughout the grounds and mansion of the Baker family’s estate. These dolls seem to be almost everywhere you go.

This Resident Evil 7 walkthrough will help you destroy all 20 statues. This gives you the “Mr. Nowhere” achievement in the game. Game Rant reports that these dolls keep flashing those horrifying grins at players almost everywhere.

Where to Find Them

They also make creaking noises which are quite spooky. However, in spite of being seemingly everywhere, the dolls are hard to find. Capcom has also hidden some statues in really weird locations.

When you come to the main house, there is a chunk of debris near the main hall’s entrance. Here, you will find a dresser with a bobblehead on the same. When you enter the main hall, look behind the door on your left. You will find Mr. Everywhere on a side table next to several books.

You will find a doll in the first floor laundry room. Try the bottom shelf of the centrally placed table. You will find one in the alcove next to the door with the crow pinned on it. This is in the drawing room.

You will also see statues in the recreation room in a wicker basket and in front of the snake door after meeting Mia. You will find one while heading up to the trailer. There is one in the old house while going down to the cellar.

You will find one in the save room and the crawl space post solving the puzzle. On the second floor, there is an antechamber. This is where you will find another statue.

Some Other Places to Find These Dolls 

There is another doll on the third floor near the ladder. In the testing area, you will find one near the bales of hay. There is another in a room with video equipment.

You will find these dolls in the wrecked ship (fourth floor stairs) and boat house (under the floor net while entering). There is one on the ship’s second floor opposite the ladders going up. You will also find dolls in the shack on the swamp and salt mine.

Try the metal storage rack near the save room in the salt mine. Also try the bridge in the salt mine. You can also check out the window sill above the hole in the shack as per Game Revolution.

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