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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Location Guide For Best Guns

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough
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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Location Guide For Best Guns

Ethan of Resident Evil 7 needs to find protection in the form of weapons. However, the sad-looking starting pistol will not make the cut. In true survival fashion, the Baker residence has an arsenal ramping up that will help the gamers continue their search for Mia. Here is a Resident Evil 7 walkthrough on the list of weapons scattered around the Baker’s residence to ensure success in their search. A fair warning, the post is filled with spoilers.


To find the Burner in this Resident Evil 7 walkthrough, step into the Yard area outside the Main House. Just collect three dog head door pieces. Proceed to the Old House, move northeast and look for a rusted gate. Once there, cross the decorated wooden bridge beyond to get to the house’s front door.

Turn left after stepping outside, and you’ll spot the clearly visible Burner Grip carelessly discarded atop a trash bin. Know what comes next: Combine both Grip and Nozzle in your inventory to create the Burner. Soon, it’ll come in handy for an encounter with another Baker family member. There are more weapons that can be found in this Resident Evil 7 walkthrough.

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher can be acquired by jogging back to the Old House. Go back to the Main House, and then head to the Drawing Room. Here, players can get in via sliding through the back wall past the Main Hall projector. Secondly, they can take the long route through the Monitoring Room.

Next, the Crow Door awaits at the Drawing Room’s far end. Slash it with the Crow Key, and reap new fun-tube off the crates right in front of the character. Ammo will be quite scarce at first, keep it tucked away until needed.

M21 Shotgun

First, get the Scorpion Key from the Processing Area of the Main House’s basement. It pops out from a bag of flesh on a table in the center of the large room. Downstairs to the Main Hall south room, swap the Model Shotgun for the Broken Shotgun .

Next, combine the Repair Kit with the gun. It’ll pack a way stronger wallop per shell than the standard shotgun. Players need extra precision to make both shots count before needing to reload.

P19 Machine Gun

To begin, players need a key. Just climb up and turn right, down the corridor to the Guest Room. Step into the Guest Room and close the door.

Resident Evil 7 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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