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Resident Evil PC Demo: How It Differs From Other Versions

Resident Evil 7 Demo
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Resident Evil PC Demo: How It Differs From Other Versions

The wait is over for players of Resident Evil 7 PC because the demo of the anticipated installment is now available. A completely different version awaits the players of the iconic franchise. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in the spine-tingling game titled, “Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour.”

Gone are the zombies that scared players, which can easily be eradicated by using a sophisticated set of weapons. “Resident Evil 7” is in a league of its own, changing the perspective from third person to first person in a setting that is very reminiscent to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” This lets the gamer see through the eyes of the protagonist Ethan Gematsu, as he tries to escape the cold-blooded family of killers known as the Bakers. This is the first of the Resident Evil 7 PC games that can be played via virtual reality (VR).

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Resident Evil 7 PC players can now head to Steam to download the game. A comprehensive list of graphic options that was leaked recently awaits the eager players. Options such as depth of field,  bloom effect, and volumetric lightning capability are fully customizable, giving fans the ability to design the environment the way they want.

Capcom senior director William Bacon provided a timetable of events that includes what to expect in the Resident Evil 7 PC demo. There will be options exclusively built for the PC gamers. The estimated time of the unveiling of the PC-only content will be on Dec. 19.

It is about time to check on the specs of the PC to ensure that it is hardware compliant. A Windows OS of 7 to 10, an 8 gigabyte RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 76o is enough to play the game smoothly. The full list of system requirements can be found here.

Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to know more about what’s happening in the Resident Evil universe.

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