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Resident Evil 7 Director Regrets Removing Baker Family Member From Cast

Resident Evil 7
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Resident Evil 7 Director Regrets Removing Baker Family Member From Cast

Following the successful launch of the latest entry in the franchise, Resident Evil 7 has managed to reestablish the Resident Evil series within the gaming industry, thanks to its new approach that turned the tables for Capcom. While it has been a few months since its successful launch, Capcom has now decided to release a new multi-part video series in light of the game’s positive reviews and good sales.

The video series will share behind-the-scenes insights on the game’s development. One such behind-the-scenes tidbit will reveal some elements that were removed upon the game’s production, such as the removal of one particular member of the Baker family.

Who Was Removed In Resident Evil 7?

As per GameRant, RE7 director Koshi Nakanishi divulged that the Baker family had originally been planned to have a vicious pet dog named Diane. While Nakanishi did not explain the reasons behind Diane’s removal from the final product of the game, it was revealed that the Baker family member would have functioned similarly to that of the zombie dogs that fans have been familiar with from previous entries in the franchise.

Additionally, despite being cut off in development, Nakanishi shared that had Diane made it past the chopping board, she would have been included in the game’s well-known dinner scene found at the beginning of the story.

Other Revisions In The Game

Diane Baker wasn’t the only one who didn’t make it to the final product. As it turns out, the game originally had a ‘breathing meter’ that would allow players to avoid detection from zombies. However, developers found that this approach proved to be too stressful, and thus, it was ultimately scrapped from the game.

Resident Evil 7 has proven to be a successful turnover for the franchise. Despite its different format–taking on a first-person approach versus its typical third-person point of view–the game has become a success in its own right, showing us that sometimes, change truly is good.

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