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Rick And Morty Season 3 Air Date, Plot: What’s The Content Of Rick’s Flask? [Fan Theory]

Rick And Morty Season 3
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Rick And Morty Season 3 Air Date, Plot: What’s The Content Of Rick’s Flask? [Fan Theory]

Fans have been continuously waiting on a Rick And Morty Season 3, especially with talks of the upcoming season seeing a 2017 release date. Despite the hit adult animated science fiction sitcom already approaching its third season, there are still some mysteries and questions that continue to obscure the beloved series. One such question would be regarding the contents of Rick’s flask, as fans have yet to discover just what it is that the scientific genius consumes in nearly each episode.

Will Rick And Morty Season 3 Reveal The Contents Of Rick’s Flask?

There have been several theories regarding what lies inside Rick’s flask. The more prevalent of ideas would be that the flask contains alcohol, considering Rick is known to be an alcoholic. In fact, Dan Harmon, who is the co-creator of Rick And Morty, previously revealed what he thinks could be inside the infamous flask.

“I tend to assume vodka,” he divulged in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, “and I know it seems unlikely that Rick wouldn’t use sci-fi tech to somehow augment whatever he drinks but I think in Rick’s mind, part of the ‘addiction’ to the flask of good old fashioned booze is that it anchors his identity, and I think he knows that if he augmented the booze or the flask, then why not just whip up a very rudimentary nanobiotic alcohol dispenser in his body or inject himself with a plasma component that just amounts to always having a certain blood alcohol level, and I think the reason he doesn’t do that is because he’s a little afraid he’ll lose sight of who he is.”

Other Theories On What Rick’s Flask Could Be Carrying

Another popular theory regarding the contents of Rick’s flask suggests that the flask might actually be carrying Megatree seeds. Some have implied that the aforementioned seeds are even the source of Rick’s intelligence. The theory is further reinforced by Rick’s desperation to acquire Megatree seeds, as fans may recall his venture in the very first episode of the series.

One Reddit user also suggested that the contents of Rick’s flash could be a special concoction necessary to keep the science genius “from phasing out of the current dimension.” Whether or not Rick And Morty Season 3 will finally reveal what Rick’s flask could be housing is still up in the air as of late. What do you think Rick has been drinking this entire time? Let us know in the comments below!

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