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Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Dating: Are They Back Together – Here’s The Truth

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart
Image source: Screengrab from @Twilight Twitter account


Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Dating: Are They Back Together – Here’s The Truth

The old Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart love team has been said to be rekindling their love with each other. A rumor has surfaced that the Twilight ex-couple are said to reunite in a brand-new movie from the said franchise.

Co-chairman Patrick Wachsberger of Lionsgate announced that the studio is ready for a new project if Stephenie Meyer thinks of new ideas and stories for Twilight characters.

Although fans of the vampire series of books and movies may be delighted, someone is not: Pattinson’s fiancée, FKA Twigs.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

Image source: @Twilight Twitter account

The Ex-couple

Inquisitr said that the couple started dating on the filming of the first Twilight movie. They have become the ultimate love team for young adults. Even after eyewitness accounts, the two never admitted their existing relationship until Stewart was caught cheating with her movie director Rupert Sanders.

The duo never starred in a film together again after the break up. They avoided each other at public events. However, a recent report from International Business Times suggests that despite being away from each other, they are falling in love all over again.

FKA Twigs Jealous

New reports claim that FKA Twigs is jealous with Stewart after she allegedly seduced her fiancé, Pattinson. According to GameNGuide, rumors abound that Stewart stunned Pattinson in her Rolling Stone music video, Ride ‘Em Down.
Sources claimed that FKA Twigs got so threatened after Stewart appeared very sexy and alluring in the video while wearing only a sexy white shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. Other sources claimed that FKA Twigs thinks that Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart did not stop loving each other.

FKA Twigs was even rumored to force Pattinson to get her pregnant in order to save their chaotic relationship. Twigs has reportedly warned Pattinson of reuniting with Stewart in the new Twilight movie.

GamenGuide also reported that Stewart and Pattinson have been cheating on FKA Twigs for quite some time now and have been continuously seeing each other despite their split way back in 2013.

Reports about Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart kissing during a date in a Los Angeles restaurant has also spread.

None of the parties have confirmed anything yet. While Pattinson has a relationship with FKA Twigs, Stewart is rumored to be the girlfriend of musician St. Vincent. She has been linked to Alicia Cargile, SoKo and Stella Maxwell.

Will the exes star in another movie together?

Stewart has already stated during one of her earlier interviews that she has no problem with the reunion. But the film or the co-stars should not affect her personal life. She said that “I loved doing it. But that doesn’t mean I want to keep doing it. But if other people wanted to? Yeah, sure. To be honest with you, I would be interested. I’d be kind of fascinated, but it wouldn’t emotionally affect me one way or the other.”

Pattinson has made it clear that he would not be reprising the role of Edward Cullen. During one of his interviews, he said that he wants to do experiments with his roles and does not want to play them repetitively. He stated that he “hope(s) to awake (fans’) curiosity and show them a different vision of cinema. Don’t forget that they grow up too. And they didn’t want to see all their lives Robert Pattinson playing a vampire. We tend to devalue the fans. It’s a mistake. The fan is an audience member like the others.”

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