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Rocket League Update 1.31: 1.4GB PS4 Patch Today Adds New Game Mode And More Free Content

Rocket League Update 1.31
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Rocket League Update 1.31: 1.4GB PS4 Patch Today Adds New Game Mode And More Free Content

Developer Psyonix had just released Rocket League update 1.31 and it added a new game mode, arenas, and other more content. The update also fixed different general bugs discovered and reported by the players.

The download size Rocket League update 1.31 is around 1.4GB on the PlayStatation 4, 2GB on the PC, and 3GB on the Xbox One. It kicked off the start of Competitive Season 4 and the addition of the Dropshot Mode.

Dropshot Mode is a game mode introduced in Rocket League update 1.31 whose goal is for players to break the floor with the ball on the opponent’s side. Players have to knock the ball through the hole in order for them to score.

According to the Psyonix forums, the patch also included other new contents such as arenas, crates, seasonal Easter items, and new achievements. Developers made three notable changes to the arenas:

  • Players can now play the new Dropshot mode in Core 707.
  • Mannfield (Night) is now available in all playlists.
  • Psyonix have removed Neo Tokyo from Casual and Competitive playlists but people can still play the map in offline and private matches. It will return in a future update to online play with a standard layout.

New Limited Easter Itmes & Achievements

Psyonix added Turbo Crates where painted version of the Endo Battle-Car and the Tachyon Rocket Trail can be obtained. Meanwhile, developers also added seasonal Easter items that players can acquire from March 22, 2017 until April 17, 2017. Items included the following:

  • Bunny Ears Hat
  • Easter Egg Antenna
  • Easter Basket Hat

Psyonix also added new achievements for players to obtain in Rocket League. The six new achievements and how to get them in the game include:

  • Registered Voter – use all of the player’s vote in Arena Preferences
  • Metaverse – win a match on Starbase ARC while the Halo Topper is equipped
  • Brave the Elements – complete a match on wasted land, under the sea, and outer space
  • Damage Control – win in the new Dropshot Mode via shutout
  • Full Course – score 18 goals in Dropshot Mode
  • Buminster – deal x10 damage a total of 320 panels in Dropshot Mode

Season 3 Ends

The update also contained general changes updates to the the user interface. Training Updates, Key Selection, Free Play Training, and Custom Training have all been updated in the latest patch. It also ended Competitive Season 3 and the following will be awarded for the player’s highest rank achieved during the season:

  • Prospect Wheel (Season 3)
  • Challenger Wheel (Season 3)
  • Star Wheel (Season 3)
  • Champion Wheel (Season 3)
  • Grand Champion Title (Season 3)

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