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Rocket League Update 1.32 Live! Patch Notes Reveal Gameplay Tweaks And Bug Fixes

Rocket League Update 1.32
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Rocket League Update 1.32 Live! Patch Notes Reveal Gameplay Tweaks And Bug Fixes

Rocket League update 1.32 just went live and it contains several game optimization as well as bug fixes. Psyonix has addressed the player-concerned issues reported to them after the 1.31 Dropshot update.

Psyonix released Rocket League update 1.32 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Steam, and Xbox One on March 30, 2017. It is just a small update so those who still have not yet received it should restart their games. The full patch notes posted in the official site include the following:

  • Fixed the double Boost spawn on Beckwith Park (Night)
  • The ball height indicator/decal will now correctly appear on the Blue team’s half of Arena Core 707
  • Optimized Dropshot dedicated server performance to reduce problems reported since our last update. This benefits all game modes as any server sharing resources with a Dropshot match was affected
  • Fixed an issue with player spawn position in Steam Workshop maps
  • Players who enter Training directly from the end game screen will no longer prevent their party leader from searching for another match.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Party Leaders to search for a new match while already in a lobby if a new player joined the party.
  • Map-specific Loading Screens have temporarily been disabled while we investigate game stability issues introduced in the Dropshot update.
  • Additional performance improvements to Aquadome

Rocket League Update 1.32 Xbox One Issues

Psyonix CEO Dave Hagewood has posted an open-letter that talked about the server performance of Rocket League on March 27, 2017. It mentioned improving the PsyNet Database, matchmaking server delays, and having a dedicated server performance.

However, the latest Rocket League update 1.32 has caused several main issues for the Xbox One version. According to some players, their game crashes whenever they try and post a custom chat message.

Meanwhile, selecting customized training too will cause Rocket League to crash. Those who encountered the crashes in ranked matches caused them to be demoted in rank and be temporarily banned for 15 minutes.

Psyonix assured fans that they have already investigated and they have found out that the Xbox One System update caused the severe online play and stability issues. They are currently working with Xbox to find a solution to the problem.

Meanwhile, Xbox One players are advised to refrain from playing any ranked matches to avoid demotion and temporary bans. Playing with a party seems to crash Rocket League as well, but playing solo does not. Psyonix has not yet made any announcements regarding the release of a fix for Xbox One players.

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