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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price & Specs To Feature 4K Display & Bixby AI

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price & Specs To Feature 4K Display & Bixby AI

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been making headlines for quite some time now. The device is speculated to get several enticing features including a 4K display. A Bixby AI assistant may also be a key feature for users.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may follow the trail of the Samsung Galaxy S8 when it is released in March. The Bixby AI assistant will be integrated into the S8 and this will ensure integration into the Note 8 as well. This will have a male voice and should be a major attraction for buyers.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may also get a 4K UHD display unit which will ensure improved virtual reality experiences. In the meantime, Samsung is expected to release more details about the fires on the Note 7 as per GSM Arena.

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What Else Is Expected?

The cause is speculated to be a problem relating to the electronic hardware design of the Note 7. Digital Trends also confirms that Bixby will be included for the Note 8. The display will be a major step up in terms of virtual reality as mentioned.

Not a lot is known about the Note 8 till now apart from these two confirmed features. The Galaxy Note 8 was not expected to be launched. The disastrous incidents with the Note 7 had sparked widespread panic amongst customers relating to the Note series.

Will The Note 8 Work?

However, confirmations are now available that Samsung is working on the Note 8 in spite of previous obstructions. The display should be a major calling card along with the virtual assistant. There should be some feature upgrades on offer as well.

However, it is still too early to speculate on whether the Note 8 will be a path breaker in its segment. Samsung is measuring the competition with a keen eye. The company will be eager to make a fresh start with the Note range with this device.

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