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Samsung Galaxy S8 Price & Specs May Feature ‘Infinity Display’

Samsung Galaxy S8
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Price & Specs May Feature ‘Infinity Display’

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is creating immense speculation amongst tech buffs. The Galaxy S8 is now likely to do away with the bezel. It may get an infinity display unit as per reports.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in two sizes as per reports. There will also be an iris scanner and bezel-less display. The two models are codenamed Dream 2 and Dream. The models will get curved displays.

There will be 5 and 6 inch realms wrapped around the right and left hand edges of the display screen. Tech Radar reports that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have dimensions similar to the present S7 series.

What Can You Expect? 

The infinity display will entail integration of the Samsung logo and the fingerprint at the back. The iris scanning feature will be a major feature. This will allow for online purchase approvals and also device unlocking.

There should also be a Dual Pixel Sensor with the camera. This is quite similar to the S7 range. There will be a new Snapdragon 835 processor in tandem with 64 GB of storage. There will also be a 3.5 mm headphone port along with USB-C data/charge port.

The Guardian confirms that the Galaxy S8 will be announced officially in the second half of March 2017. It is also expected to be available for sale in April 2017. The S8 is expected to be announced late in March, 2017.

Release Date & Other Aspects 

The phone should go on sale sometime around 21st April, 2017. This will be later than originally planned. The device was earlier expected to go on sale at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The MWC (Mobile World Congress) will be held in February, 2017.

The infinity display is expected to be a major attraction. This will influence the design to a huge extent. Tech buffs are gearing up for the release at present.

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