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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date & News: Latest Leaks & New ‘Beast Mode’

Samsung Galaxy S8
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date & News: Latest Leaks & New ‘Beast Mode’

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will finally be released. Here are the top news- release date, latest leaks, and other details you should know before making a pre-order. But first- what is the latest “beast mode”?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date Might Be Delayed To Half Of 2017:

The big-drop announcement of Samsung S8 release date may have to undergo another possible delay for the time-being. Samsung moved the date to April. Anyhow, Samsung has already confirmed the announcement.

Many Samsung buyers thought that this move by Samsung may possibly redeem the company from the S7 trouble. As it should rightfully be, the company is making sure that the features and units are put into the right place.

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Latest Leaks:

  • The latter model may have a bigger appearance than the former one.
  • The company delayed the release date due to the annual World Mobile Congress (WMC) in 2017. They intended the separation of the dates in order to give more focus to the Samsung S8 model.
  • The Company is planning to launch the Samsung S8 in New York on April.
  • Other enhancements of the model include an upgraded 5.0 Bluetooth, a redesigned AI system and a finger print reader.
  • The Company has finally detected the cause of the battery explosions concerning the former S7.
  • The Company is preparing every possible means to make the launching explosive.
  • The all-new Samsung S8 will stand with an optimum S Plus quality. Thus, it shall bear the name Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.
  • The model will be released in a 6-inch display package.
  • The Note will most likely go out of trace from the S Series  following S7.

What About The Beast Mode?

The “Beast Mode” has to do with the latest Android’s processing power. It involves an enhancement of phone’s graphical quality, headset placement, RAM capacity and battery saver mode. The battery saver mode perhaps indicates the meaning of the “beast mode”.

There is a lot to expect from the upcoming model. Buyers can only expect much from what they know of. For the meantime, Samsung users should wait up for more updates.

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