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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release, Features Update: May See April 2017 Release & AI Update

Samsung Galaxy S8 release
How different will the S8 be compared to the S7?


Samsung Galaxy S8 Release, Features Update: May See April 2017 Release & AI Update

Samsung Galaxy S8 release update – Since 2013, Samsung has used the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona to unveil its latest flagship smartphone. However, recent reports revealed that the company is looking into April 2017 as the launch date for the Galaxy S8. This decision is against the yearly February launch tradition that Samsung has for the Galaxy S.

Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung executives are now looking into delaying the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 until after the World Mobile Congress in Spain. Sources even said that the planned launch has now been pushed back to April.

The delay will be used to iron out a lot of issues that the company had on the Note 7. Samsung wants to make sure that there will be no unwelcome problems when the phone gets unveiled to the public. They will also be using the time to try and win back its loyal customers who bought and got disappointed with the Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8 specs and features

In addition to the delayed release, the company has also confirmed the rumors of some key features of the next flagship phone. Samsung executives have confirmed initial reports that the next Galaxy S phone will have its own AI assistant.

Samsung has recently bought original Siri co-creator, Viv, to develop an AI firmware of the same name for the S8. Viv is Samsung’s answer to the iPhone’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Pixel’s Google Assistant. Just like any of the previous digital assistants mentioned, Viv is also session based. Meaning, its response is in connection with the entire time it is being used, not just single-usage.

Whether this new digital assistant will be enough to redeem the company’s name after the Note 7 fiasco, we will soon find out. Meanwhile, all anyone can do right now is wait until April 2017 for Samsung to release the Galaxy S8. Loyal fans may once again have a reason to return to their favorite phone brand and find themselves rewarded with new phone features.

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