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Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Confirm Bixby AI: Details Here

Samsung Galaxy S8
Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / Samsung Mobile


Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Confirm Bixby AI: Details Here

Samsung is releasing its own virtual assistant via Samsung Galaxy S8. Meet Bixby — it’s coming to you this year.

Bixby isn’t new as it had been rumored back in November last year that Samsung is releasing its own AI. But now that it’s listed on the company’s website, Bixby has now become somewhat official.

There aren’t any major details out for Bixby. But according to reports, it will be available in Samsung’s own apps and the Pay Mini on the Samsung Galaxy S8. While the bigger version of it, Samsung Pay, allows transactions in physical stores, the Pay Mini is a mobile payment system that is only able to make payments online.

No other photos were available to the public as to what Bixby looks like but some photos coming from Weibo were leaked. However, these are still unconfirmed.

Siri might have some competition when Bixby comes out. Rumor has it that the new personal assistant will be able to show itself this April.

Other Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

Several speculations are in the air regarding Samsung’s new phone. For instance, it is rumored that the Galaxy 8 will cater to USB-C ports as introduced by the company during CES 2017. It was not stated directly that it will be used for the Galaxy 8. But the revelation of three mid-range Galaxy A handsets with USB C points during that event led to this speculation.

Other rumors include the stylus being optional, no home button and that future phones will have a dual curved edge screen. Previously, the dual curved edge screens were only available for the edge models.

Samsung might also call the new Galaxy S8 as the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Rumored release date for the Galaxy S8 is on April 18 so keep posted on Video Games Republic for updates.

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