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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Release Date May Launch At MWC 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Release Date May Launch At MWC 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has created quite a stir with regard to its release date. The device is all set to launch at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). MWC 2017 is being speculated to be the launch date after the earlier delay.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a topic of hot interest for gadget connoisseurs. This is because Samsung never introduced any Galaxy Tab S offering in 2016. Many call it the aftermath of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 launch has anyway been postponed by the company. International Business Times reports that a February launch is imminent. This is when the Mobile World Congress event will take place.

What Else Do We Know

The S3 was earlier spotted by several sources. There were also reports of Samsung officially unveiling the device in September 2016. Yet, nothing really worked out as planned before. The South Korean company is carefully planning the launch at present.

There are other reasons behind this delay as well. There are rumors of the S3 already getting its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certifications. These certifications are reportedly given under the SM-T825 model number. This clearly points to the debut of the model as the Tab S3.

There is ample proof of the launch of the tablet sometime soon. However, no details are yet available about the specifications and features of the same. Yet, flagship specs are being expected by customers. Huge RAM and a latest processor are naturally expected in this case.

What Samsung Said At CES 2017

India Today has also confirmed the possible launch of the Galaxy S3 Tablet sometime soon. Samsung has cleverly refrained from any talk of a new tablet this week. CES 2017 is a mega event and many expected the company to announce it here.

The Tab S3 could well be a huge hit and may help Samsung overcome the Note 7 crisis.

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