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Samsung Galaxy X1 Price & Specs Feature Folding Display: Here’s How It Works

Samsung Galaxy X1


Samsung Galaxy X1 Price & Specs Feature Folding Display: Here’s How It Works

The Samsung Galaxy X1 smartphone is the subject of multiple rumors. The smartphone is now rumored to come with a foldable display. This has generated widespread excitement amongst tech buffs.

The Samsung Galaxy X1 is expected to arrive worldwide by the second half of 2017. The Galaxy S8 leak happened last year. However, this did not quite capture the attention of enthusiasts worldwide.

The Samsung Galaxy X1 may be the biggest feather in the tech company’s cap this year. Tech 2 reports that several hints have been issued earlier about the launch of a folding smartphone. A Samsung Galaxy X launch has been hinted at for a long time now.

How The X1 Was Revealed

A post on Weibo by a user named “Reviewer” hinted about this phone being launched soon. The post talks of a third or fourth quarter reveal in 2017. The user also talks of how there will be two smartphone models.

The standard one is expected to be named the Galaxy X1 with the second called the X1 Plus. The former gets the SM-X9000 model number. The latter comes with the SM-X9050 model number as well.

The folding smartphone from Samsung has been the subject of numerous rumors till date. The project is reportedly codenamed “Project Valley”. The device is expected to get cutting edge hardware.

It should also come with a 4K display unit. The device has already witnessed multiple leaks through its patent applications. There should be numerous form factors available.

What Else is Expected?

There should also be multiple biometric authentication systems available. These are expected to include palm and face readers. A fingerprint reader could also be on the cards.

BGR reports that the model numbers are suggestive of them belonging to the Galaxy X lineup. Samsung has been greatly impacted by the controversy over the Note 7. The company is now looking to make a fresh start with something path breaking.

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