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Samsung S8 Galaxy Specs & Price: How It Differs From S7

Samsung S8 Galaxy
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Samsung S8 Galaxy Specs & Price: How It Differs From S7

Here are the rumored Samsung S8 Galaxy Specs and Price. Following the failures of S7, Samsung’s latest brand is yet to set a major difference or enhancement from the former design to win back customers’ trust.

Samsung S8 Galaxy Details

Rumors say that the S8 Galaxy Specs may likely feature the Iris Recognition Technology. The Iris Recognition Technology boasts of a complex bio-metric system that accurately identifies the slightest details and ensures there are 0 errors in the process.

Although this technology was originally opted for the recalled flagship brand, only the S8 brand can power it to function faster than it is in the former. Only then when the S8 can finally prove that it works faster than S7 can the South Korean company finally launch the Samsung Pass without back-fires. But firstly again, S8 shall have to win the trust lost by S7.

Both Iris Recognition Tech and the Samsung Pass appear to be symbiotic in operation. Speculations also arose, further speculating that with these two tech operations successfully imbibed, the S8 could emerge as the model for the Samsung brand.

Further rumors claim that the Samsung S8 Galaxy may have similar put-ups with that of S7. Obvious in its updates, the S8 appeared to have sustained and fortunately enhanced many potential features of the S8. Besides the Iris tech and the Samsung Pass, the Y-OCTA display technology is rumored to also be retained in the upcoming brand.

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How Different Is S8 From S7?

Probably, the factors that will distinguish S8 from S7 are the enhancement in speed and operations. Physically, The Samsung S8 Galaxy may also feature a 5.7-inch built size, “a 4K screen, a Snapdragon 830 processor, 6GB of RAM and a massively improved camera”, TechRadar stated.

Because of the general consumers’ anticipation of Samsung’s redeeming strategies, rumors of the upcoming dramatically turned into critical references on where the S series will possibly improve and simply elevate in performance.

Samsung S8 Release Date

The possible release date for Samsung S8 may fall sometime between March-April, 2017.

Watch out for more updates.

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