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Scalebound Game Cancelled: Microsoft Confirms Project Shutdown

Scalebound Game Cancelled
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Scalebound Game Cancelled: Microsoft Confirms Project Shutdown

Today is a very sad day for Scalebound fans. It appears Microsoft has just confirmed that the Scalebound game cancelled rumors are true. This is shattering news for fans that have been waiting for the game through the course of its development.

A Microsoft representative has just told IGN that the game has indeed been cancelled. A statement to the gaming website said that the decision was done after careful deliberation. However, fans can still look forward to other releases this year.

Scalebound is supposed to join the lineup of games such as Halo Wars 2State of Decay 2Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3. Now it appears a potential action-adventure game is again scrapped. Here is what the game could have been.

Scalebound Game Cancelled: What Could Have Been

Prior to the Scalebound game cancelled rumors, the game was supposedly slated for a holiday 2016 release. According to IGN, it was teased as early as E3 2014 as yet another awesome action adventure title. There were a lot of pre-alpha gameplay videos revealed prior to the Scalebound game cancelled news, all budding with potential.

The game takes place in a fantasy-esque setting with very modern highlights. This is akin to some modern Final Fantasy games, where settings are a blend of fantasy and technological settings. The protagonist is named Drew, who has an uncanny connection with his dragon.

Not only can he use a plethora of weapons a la Monster Hunter, but he can also use a variety of dragon powers. The option to customize dragons itself is enough to hook players into getting excited to the game.

Xbox Exclusives: Where to Go

Microsoft further explained its plans for the year in a recent blog post. However, Microsoft refused to comment whether the IP for the game is owned by Microsoft or Platinum. The gaming giant simply said they do not “comment on details” of their business agreements with partners. There is also no news if Platinum will be collaborating with them on additional projects.

This makes Scalebound part of the yet-expanding list of video game cancellations. The list includes entries such as lost Daredevil games and StarCraft: Ghost. Fanfare for Scalebound will surely fade through the years, but hopefully someone may pick up the IP soon.

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