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Scream Queens Season 2: Cassidy Kills Zayday Next

Scream Queens Season 2


Scream Queens Season 2: Cassidy Kills Zayday Next

Scream Queens season 2 spoilers have emerged and these point to Zayday being killed by Cassidy. As surprising as it sounds, Cassidy may be ordered to murder Zayday next and this will put him in a difficult position.

Zayday will be on the verge of knowing more about Cassidy’s truth. Scream Queens Season 2 spoilers reveal that she may well be killed off in the upcoming episode entitled The Hand. This will be shown live on Fox and will witness the Green Meanie (Cassidy) trying to finish off a major threat.

International Business Times has reported that Scream Queens Season 2 will be marked by ambiguity. The earlier episode has already shown viewers the true identity of Cassidy. However, he is not behind all the killings seen on the show. Ingrid has also clarified that she has not murdered anyone yet.

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Many viewers, however, feel that Ingrid may well be the second Green Meanie. She has already shown support for eliminating the Chanels which has sparked these rumors. The promo for the 7th episode has taken an interesting turn as well.

More Scream Queens Season 2 Spoilers

Cassidy is seen being directed by Nurse Hoffel to kill a girl which has piqued the attention of viewers. Chanel#5 is also seen talking of her life being at risk while Dr. Holt also tries to choke Dean Munsch! Chanel also visits the doctor and engages in seductive conversation with him.

Dean Munsch earlier pitches a very complicated and risky operation to Dr. Holt. Holt’s hands start showing a more dangerous and uncontrolled streak. Cassidy is forced to take a psychology test by #Chanel3 for determining his main problem.

Breathe Cast has reported that Cassidy will finally regret taking Nurse Hoffel as an accomplice for closing C.U.R.E Institute. Rumors point at Cassidy being asked to kill Zayday though he is reluctant to do so.

The 7th episode will be aired on Fox on the 29th of November at 8 PM.

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