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Second Dying Light Be The Zombie Event Launched: Time, What To Expect & More

Dying Light Be The Zombie
Image source: @DyingLightGame Twitter account

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Second Dying Light Be The Zombie Event Launched: Time, What To Expect & More

Revenge is here. Dying Light has launched its second global Be The Zombie event. The game is a first person survival horror game developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game, being just new in the world of video games having been released just this 2015, offers the option of playing either the Survivors or Hunters.

The Dying Light Be The Zombie event was announced via its website and via Twitter. The Zombiefest #2 Community Bounty has been released. The Be The Zombie mode will now be determining who will be the winner between the Survivors and the Hunters.

What to Expect

Players can look forward to the event-specific modes and surprising invasions on the Dying Light Be The Zombie Mode. The rules have changed for both Hunters and Survivors. Survivors will not have a Survivor Sense where the player can detect other players. There will only be 2 flares for them. As for the Hunters, there will neither be spits nor tackles. There will be no howls. Only 2 UV heals or blacks are to be given. The game will rather proceed with the basics of UV Flashlight and Pounce.

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“The cumulative kills for both sides are tracked live to once again determine who the real predators are: Survivors or Hunters,” as stated in the website.

Players may choose to play the Dying Light Be the Zombie mode or enable Invasions. Players who get a Gold-Tier Weapon which will be usable for the Campaign Mode for participation will enjoy a modified rank title that will be active for three weeks, which will then reflect the final result.

Dying Light Be The Zombie

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Dying Light account

When Will This Happen?

According to the Dying Light website, this will run this weekend, from December 23, 12 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) to December 26, 11:30 PM PDT.

Those who are not able to participate firsthand in the game can track the competition globally via the Dying Light website. New ranks will be activated three weeks after.

To celebrate the second Zombiefest event, Dying Light‘s Enhanced Edition is also 60 % off at Steam.

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