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Is Seth Rogen Dead: Actor Pranks Fans in Hilarious Video

Seth Rogen dead
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Is Seth Rogen Dead: Actor Pranks Fans in Hilarious Video

Is Seth Rogen dead? Rumors sprang up once Billy on the Street pranked fans that the actor-comedian was dead. This video led to some hilarious reactions from passersby, many of whom did not even recognize the actor..

Seth Rogen dead rumors floated for a brief while when Billy Eichner trolled citizens in New York. The host pranked strangers with news of Rogen’s death. Hype Beast has reported that Eichner brought Rogen to the show as well.

Rogen masqueraded as the hiding cameraman on the skit. Several people were absolutely devastated at learning of the Seth Rogen dead story. Some did not really care since they could not recognize the actor. Some were clearly not fans while some looked devastated.

Watch the video below. 

However, Billy did reveal the truth to all passersby once the pranks were over. This particular video was one of many dedicated towards paying tribute to celebrities who died this year. Seth Rogen’s death was a novel prank which approached people on the streets of New York City.

What Rogen Wanted to Achieve 

Entertainment reports that Rogen wanted to see the reactions of the mass before he actually died one day. However, he does not really get the fulfillment he desires since many citizens do not even recognize who he is.

One man even said “I haven’t the slightest idea who that guy is.”

Rogen does find some solace in the fact that several citizens did get upset at hearing the news of his fake death. One woman talked of how the “world would suck a whole lot” if “we didn’t have laughter.” She said this while holding back her tears.

Eichner immediately revealed the truth to all contestants on the show. He even brought out Rogen from hiding in front of them. Some people were really confused while some were hugely relieved. Some couldn’t help but throw the F-word quite liberally around!

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