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Shut Eye Hulu Premiere: Why You Should Skip The Show

Shut Eye
Image Source: Shut Eye Facebook Account


Shut Eye Hulu Premiere: Why You Should Skip The Show

There has been a lot of buzz involving Shut Eye for the months leading up to its release on Hulu. Unlike usual series that the streaming service releases, Shut Eye will take on the Netflix binge-asking approach. Hulu just dropped all 10 episodes of the series today but the question is, is it worth the binge time?

Shut Eye stars Jeffrey Donovan

Jeffery Donovan has been unknowingly preparing for his role in the new Hulu series for his work in Burn Notice. The seven seasons he did for the said series has worked out for him to portray a psychic and a scammer better. It is as if he knew exactly what he was doing. However, as most TV reviews said, it became a bit dragging.

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One of the selling points of the show was Jeffrey Donovan. Another is the very interesting premise the series has. However, as the story progressed, it became a never ending loop of the same thing. Deadline even reported that the series just went round and round “in a narrative cul-de-sac.” The characters are well thought of and the cast members did exceptional work in portraying them. But then, like what Uproxx said, the first four hours of the series felt like a bit too much. The site further explained that it was like “pretending to be the real thing while hoping the audience won’t notice the difference.”

Shut Eye

Image Source: Shut Eye Facebook Account

The series seems like it has not fully decided on the tone it wants to take. Although Breaking Bad, which was a worldwide hit, also had some tonal wobbles, it was able to draw the people into the Walter White dark side change. With Shut Eye, the tone feels like a bit more like Chance which was in fact a disappointing Hulu series.

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