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Skate 3 Review: Skate 3 Xbox One Backward Compatibility Released With Title Price Drop

Skate 3 Review
Skate 3 is now on Xbox One!Photo from: MessYourself Youtube Channel


Skate 3 Review: Skate 3 Xbox One Backward Compatibility Released With Title Price Drop

Skate 3 Review: One year ago, Microsoft launched a backward compatibility initiative for its Xbox One. This initiative was widely accepted as a “game-changer,” especially against its rival console, the PS4, which lacks a backwards compatibility feature. Today, Microsoft made another big move as it announced the release of the Skate 3 for the Xbox One!

Skateboarding games have historically performed well on gaming consoles throughout the years. This is largely thanks to the popular Tony Hawk skating games of the past. Skateboarding games have struggled recently though, due to a dip in gaming quality, prompting companies to up their game.

A few days after adding support for the Mass Effect 2 and the Mass Effect 3, Electronic Arts scored big again as they announced that the Skate 3 is now playable on the Xbox One. The game was actually originally released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2010. Microsoft is also partnering with EA through a special offer. Until November 20, Skate 3’s San Van Party Pack add-on will be absolutely free in the Xbox Marketplace!

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To top all of this off, the Skate 3 game itself is on a special sale for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, with a decrease from $11.99 to $9.99 according to Samit Sarkar for the Polygon.

This latest Skate 3 review talks of development in the skateboard gaming scene, which can definitely be seen as good news for avid supporters. Over the past couple of months, there has been a social media movement pushing for the release of a Skate 4, as reported by Alex Walker for Kotaku.

Skate 3 Review

Skaters and gamers have been clamoring for a Skate 4 release.
Photo from: khylerr Youtube Channel

Although this movement hasn’t fully succeeded yet, the release of the Skate 3 for the Xbox One is certainly a step towards that direction. For now, gamers would at least be able to enjoy a former Xbox 360 game in the Xbox One. As we speak, there are now 280 Xbox 360 games available, according to Jason Schreier in another Kotaku post.

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