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Sleeping Dogs Movie Casts ‘Star Wars Rogue One’ Star Donnie Yen

Sleeping Dogs Movie
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Sleeping Dogs Movie Casts ‘Star Wars Rogue One’ Star Donnie Yen

One of the stars of the hit film, Star Wars: Rogue One has reportedly been cast in the Sleeping Dogs movie. Original Film is going to be in charge of production for the said project.

Sleeping Dogs is an open-world adventure game set in Hong Kong, with the player controlling an undercover cop, Wei Shen. Shen is tasked with taking down the local Triads, with a combination of fighting, shooting, and parkour. It’s not clear if Yen will play Shen, or another character, depending on how loose the adaptation is.

The Sleeping Dogs movie is based on the game of Square Enix and United Front Games. In the game, players take on the role of undercover police officer Wei Shen. Shen is an American-Hong Kong officer who infiltrates a criminal organization in an attempt to end it. Actor Will Yun Lee took acted the role of Wei Shen in the video game version.

The star behind Ip Man will be part of the film adaptation of the open-world game that takes on local Triads and is skilled in fighting, shouting and agile parkour. At this point, Engadget reports it’s unclear if Yen will be playing Shen or another character.

However, contrary to this, Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Yen has, in fact, been signed up for the lead role. Yen is a Chinese martial arts artist and veteran fight choreographer. Similarly, the actor is very popular in China and was able to drive the ticket sales of xXx: Return of Xander Cage in China. In 2016, the third Ip Man film hauled in $124 million in China.

In addition, Polygon recalls that Sleeping Dogs was released on PlayStation 3, Windows PC and Xbox 360 back in 2012. Two years later, a “Definitive Edition” re-release followed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sleeping Dogs Video Game

According to a review of the gameplay by IGN during its release, Dogs isn’t your “typical Grand Theft Auto clone.” Shen isn’t a rogue, thuggish criminal, rather, Shen is as calculated as he is complicated. With plenty of experience in the US, he travels back to his hometown to contribute to the growing criminal enterprises.

Basically, the gaming experience was described as a “deliberate affair” that balances brutality with Triad members with a point deduction for specific violations like ramming police cars, hitting streetlights and the like. The street dynamics will keep you guessing and gives gamers an opportunity to play a game with a different approach.

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