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Image source: screen grab from Youtube/ account

Mobile Gaming Tips & Tricks To Easily Reach The Leaderboard is a massively multiplayer browser game where players control a snake to eat pellets which make them grow in size. The pellets appear when the other player’s snake is killed. The longest snake will go to the top of the charts in the server.

In this game, the bigger you become, the slower you get. You also have more at stake and you are more likely to bump into other snakes because of lesser mobility. According to a review in, the game is so simple and so easy to learn but hard to master. These are the factors why we need tips and tricks to conquer the game.

Here are tips and tricks telling us how to easily reach the leaderboard:

Cut Out Other Snakes

While in motion, you must cut out other snakes in order to grow longer. This is probably the best way particularly for long snakes to defeat other snakes. You have to play to your length and use your tail as an obstacle for other snakes to suddenly bump into. Timing is the key here. You have to go head to head with the enemy and make a light shift from it before speeding in front of it.

Steal Kills From Bigger Snakes

Where do you go to steal kills and pellets? The answer is at the center of the game board where there is a group of larger snakes. Small snakes should take advantage of this particular area. A beginner’s mistake is immediately going to steal another’s kills amidst the huddle of snakes. But, it is more advantageous if you wait for the snake huddle to stop before stealing.

Another additional trick from the tips is to change your name when you respawn so that the other snakes would not retaliate and go after you once you eat their catch. Tips

Image source: screen grab from Youtube/ account

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Pin The Enemy

Bigger snakes are not just bigger meals — they can also be used to pin against other snakes. You have to ride alongside big snakes and squeeze your victim into a tight spot. A word of caution is to not proceed with this method if you are in a crowded area since there is a greater chance that you will bump into another snake.

Lure Victims With Food

You must use the remains of your pellets as bait to capture more food. As your opponent snake eats the bait you have laid down, encircle and trap the snake if you are long enough to do it. Since bigger snakes are slower than smaller snakes, you have to approach in a fast manner to be able to execute your plan successfully. You can encircle incompletely the bait beforehand so encircling the victim would be easier when it gets to the eating part.

Trap Another Snake

This is probably the simplest of the tips. You must encircle the victim; encircling an opponent takes patience and coordination because the victim may trick you and dash wildly so that you are the one to die. Wise ones stay close to you which makes it harder to enclose them into the circle.

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