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Smite Characters: Everything You Need To Know About The Morrigan

Smite Characters
Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / SMITE by Hi-Rez Studios

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Smite Characters: Everything You Need To Know About The Morrigan

Smite characters have always been interesting, for players choose Gods rather than the usual characters. Recently, one of the Smite characters was revealed to be an exceptional God and it’s one players wouldn’t definitely want to miss out. She’s known as The Morrigan and she’s probably the toughest God out there in Smite.

Hi-Rez Studios revealed The Morrigan during their expo event this week. According to the game’s lore, The Morrigan was originally three sisters who represented sovereignty, war and death. The three were inseparable that they ultimately merged into one who is known in the game as The Morrigan.

The Morrigan takes many shapes and forms which is her Ultimate in the game. Changeling allows her to take on forms of different Gods in the current game session. It doesn’t matter whether it can be an ally or an enemy. The Morrigan has the ability to change into one of them and copy their stats. She can also use their abilities as well as their Ultimates.

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Aside from using Changeling, other abilities include:

Doomsayer – this may be The Morrigan’s basic attack but using this can cause damage on the opponent and the rest within the vicinity after the third hit.

Deadly Aspects – this allows The Morrigan to summon her alternate forms to fight with her.

Dark Omen – this curses the opponents with an omen and will take bonus damages.

Confusion – using this ability allows The Morrigan to create a phantom of herself, thereby confusing the opponent.

Release Date

Though she’s probably one of the strongest of the Smite characters, The Morrigan still hasn’t been released yet. Hi-Rez said she’ll be available “soon” and will probably be on the 3.25 update. As to when that is, no information has been revealed.

Check out The Morrigan’s full abilities and description in the video provided by Hi-Rez Studios below.

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